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Our slack forum is the center of activity for this community. Get your ops questions answered fast, and help others with theirs.


Use your skills to help a nonprofit in need

We match our makers with nonprofits who need their skills, at no cost to them through our Changemakers Initiative.

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Our 30 min. ‘crash course’ lessons allow you to expand your learnings in all areas of operations, while saving time.

AdaptivOps Forum

Access 350+ makers from Fortune 1000 companies

We believe in cross-functional learning. Meaning operations professionals should not function in a silo, but learn from other departments.

The AdaptivOps slack forum gives our makers access to the knowledge of operational leaders across departments, allowing them to expand their skills through cross-functional collaboration.

We help nonprofits through skills-based volunteering

With Changemakers, we’re connecting our community of makers with nonprofits that need their help to run efficiently.

By regularly matching makers with nonprofits, we hope to affect real change in the world through skills-based volunteering.

Maker Accademy

Making a world of makers through education

We want to make a world of makers; individuals who view challenges as opportunities to improve upon existing systems and processes. 

With Maker Academy, we bring in members of our community to give lessons to each other in their areas of expertise, allowing our makers to learn and expand their knowledge.


Blog Post: How Makers Helped a Nonprofit

In4All, a nonprofit who works in communities with underserved children, shares how a community of makers helped solve their operational challenges

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Event: Standardizing Ops Across Departments

Join Sarah Touzani, COO & May Ong, Ops Consultant, for a 30 min. crash course on best practices for standardizing operations across departments.

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Blog Post: Why Skills Based Volunteering is Important

Jeff Wang, Senior Solutions Architect, shares his experience helping a nonprofit through his participation in the Changemakers Initiative.

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Event: Leadership In Operations

On Sept. 16th, join Natalie Pankov, COO at Metadvice, & Aileen Murphy, VP of BizOps at RGP for a crash course in hiring, managing, & scaling your ops team.

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”This community is conducted with best in class coordination where a very good number of leaders come together and lead quality discussions. The community is representative across different types of organizations, giving me access to a wide knowledge base of my peer members.”

Venketesh Iyer, Head of Business Operations, Facebook

“One of the reasons I love being a part of the AdaptivOps community is that as an operations professional myself, I know how important the community aspect is to our professional development. We want to share, and learn, and that exchange of information is really powerful in this community.”

Maggie Butler, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Hubspot


AdaptivOps is a cross-functional community built for operations professionals (or ‘makers’ as we like to call them). Here, we believe that makers are unsung heroes who have the power to create monumental change not just within their organizations, but around the world. Our mission is to empower those individuals by helping them develop their skills as changemakers. We do this by breaking down silos separating ops departments, improving cross-functional collaboration, and by providing a space for makers to geek out on all things Ops with like minded individuals—through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, resources, and tools.

Tonkean is an enterprise no-code process orchestration platform. Basically, the operating system for business operations. Through our daily interactions with operations professionals, we quickly realized our clients were missing a place to share day-to-day challenges. So we did some research, and realized it wasn’t just our clients facing this issue, but the operations community as a whole. So, we put resources and energy into building a community for operations professionals to come together, share knowledge, and grow in their careers— thus AdaptivOps was formed.

It does not cost anything to join the AdaptivOps community. Our events, forum, and maker academy resources are free.

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