What's your automation strategy?

Take a holistic approach to increasing efficiency & scale

Addressing inefficiencies across your business can be a daunting challenge. You have endless systems to integrate, manual tasks to automate, and processes to manage. We can help.

Tonkean is a robotic automation platform for all of your human-in-the-loop workflows. We ensure that your business needs are met while your people focus on what actually matters.


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Achieve your efficiency goals

Complete automation platform for people & systems

To truly improve efficiency, you need to a platform that addresses both the people and systems component of processes. Tonkean Workbots empowers your business operations teams by connecting to 1000+ systems, automating manual work, and proactively assisting people.

Reduce Engineering Spend

automate quickly without development

Tonkean removes the dependency on engineering to automate operational workflows. Through an intuitive yet powerful Workflow Builder, your business operations teams can build their own Workbots to improve and manage processes, accelerating your ability to respond to changes.


People-First Automation

Maximize the effectiveness of your people

Tonkean Workbots proactively work with people to simplify tasks and get input. Reach people where they like to work, whether that’s email, Slack, or MS Teams with actionable messages that then automatically trigger additional steps in any workflow. By keeping humans-in-the-loop, Tonkean ensures every process is automated end-to-end.

Pinpoint & Act On Bottlenecks

Gaining visibility across entire workflows is hard. Tonkean brings together data from all your systems and allows people to manage their work in a single place. Tonkean Workbots can then augment your processes with automated workflows based on actions taken by your people or events happening in your business.


Optimize Your Business Operations

Create efficient processes across your business to maximize your growth. 


We have proven success in:

  • Sales Ops

  • Customer Ops

  • People Ops

  • Legal Ops

  • Finance Ops

  • IT Ops

  • and more…

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