Tonkean's Series B

Tonkean’s Series B Announcement: Everything You Need To Know

This week we announced Tonkean’s series B of $50m, led by Accel, with the participation of our existing investors (Lightspeed and Foundation) as well as top tech founders and executives from Google, Atlassian, and UiPath. 

We couldn’t be more excited! 

We’ve known for a long time how real the need is for companies to expand the pie of who can compose enterprise software, and we’ve seen what Tonkean can do when put to use inside the world’s largest and fastest growing enterprises.

But with Tonkean’s Series B and the executives who participated in it—Eric Schmidt; Scott Farquhar and more!—it seems obvious now that many other folks see this, too. 

There’s a movement happening here.

Have questions about that movement? About our announcement? Want to learn more about Tonkean and why the world’s brightest minds are excited about us? 

We’ve got you covered.  

Throughout the day and into next week we’ll be publishing lots of new content related to our fundraising round—as well as hosting events designed to help folks learn more about no-code, composability, process orchestration, and of course, Tonkean—and we’ll be sharing it all right here. You can think of this page as a kind of ad-hoc newsroom for all coverage Tonkean-related over the next week. Find our most up-to-date resources and links below. 

Tonkean’s Series B press coverage. 

Here’s an up-to-date list of the outlets from around the web who’re reporting on our round:

Also, in case you’re interested, here’s the link to our press release for the round. 

Blogs from our founder and from our investors. 

Our founder & CEO Sagi Eliyahu published a blog about the movement we’ve been building here at Tonkean over the last few years, and why you should join us. (Here’s Sagi: “At Tonkean, we want to make a world of Makers. To empower anyone curious about solving complex problems with the ability to implement solutions on their own.”) 

Part reflection, part rallying cry, it’s the perfect place to start if you want to understand what Tonkean is all about: A World of Makers; The 50 Million Reasons We Raised Our B Round

Also published this morning was a blog from Miles Clements, Partner at Accel Ventures, in which Miles breaks down why Accel—a major investor in UiPath—is so excited about the market opportunity before Tonkean, along with why he believes Tonkean is the company best positioned to become that market’s leader. “Through our work with UiPath,” Miles writes, “we saw firsthand how transformative the impact of robotic process automation could be in bringing simplicity to high velocity / low variability processes. As UiPath grows in value and influence, Tonkean solves a next-order set of problems around human-in-the-loop / high variability processes. Both companies will drive forward the important theme of intelligent automation, and we’re thrilled to have several of our friends at UiPath investing with us in this round.”

Read more here: Our Investment in Tonkean: The Building Blocks for Modern Ops Teams

Tonkean’s Series B Webinar

Want to engage with us? 

Next Wednesday, June 30, Miles and Sagi will be sitting down together for a 45-minute Ask Me Anything (AMA) Webinar. They’ll be touching on no-code, automation, process orchestration, the market opportunity of enterprise software—and much more. It will encapsulate much of what the opportunity is in enterprise automation and what we think the future has in store for enterprise software as a whole. Don’t miss it. 

To register for the webinar, click here. Or if you want a personalized conversation, schedule some time with our team here.

Our Growing Team

Over the last few days we’ve been taking the opportunity to celebrate the completion of this round, reflecting on how we got here, and aligning around what we need to do to achieve the rest of our goals. 

We’ve also been celebrating; earlier this week, Tonkean won our category for “Best Digital Process Automation Solution” at the CODiE Awards! (Thank you to the SIIA for recognizing us, and congrats to our team for building such a powerful and high-value platform.)

Most important of all, however: we’re just getting started in this work to create a new and better future of work in the enterprise, and we need your help. If you want to join us on this mission (and have lots of fun doing it), check out the positions we’re hiring for here

If you want to learn more about the Tonkean platform, head over to

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