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Employee Spotlight: Aviv Tsumi

Welcome back to our Employee Spotlight series, where we highlight members of the Tonkean team who exemplify the unique spirit of our company. This week, we’re featuring Aviv Tsumi, a software engineer at Tonkean. Aviv joined Tonkean in May 2019, after a spell traveling in east Asia. He brings levity, dedication, dynamism, and unique coding talent to Tonkean. He’s also a blast to work with. He chats with us about what makes the Tonkean engineering team so special, along with why he’s taken up playing classical piano.

Aviv Tsumi: Describe the work you do at Tonkean in a few sentences.


Working at Tonkean combines different kinds of tasks. From developing new and urgent features to have late night calls with customers. Our job requires a deep understanding of the business and of customers’ needs. 

But we have fun. 50% of the time you’ll find me developing and designing new features, in partnership with the solutions team in the U.S. The other 50%? The engineering team spends that trying to decide what to order for lunch. 

What’s your favorite part of working at Tonkean?

There are two main things I find inspiring about working at Tonkean.

The first one is that we believe in growing while moving forward, and that failure is part of the path to success. This point of view enables us to take risks and try new things. 

The second is the team. Personally, I believe the most important thing about work is the people you work with. If you don’t come to work and enjoy the people around you, what’s the point?

What excites you most when you think about Tonkean’s future?

Tonkean is for everyone. Our goal in building Tonkean is to expand the pie of who can create and meaningfully engage with software. Knowing that one day our product could be implemented almost anywhere, and that if we do our jobs right, it will improve the way we work as a society. It makes me feel proud.

What I seek in my work is making an impact. I believe we should all ask ourselves: “What good can we do?” Then we should try to go do it. Tonkean enables me to use my talent to do good.  

Aviv Tsumi: What’s it like on the Tonkean engineering team? Describe the culture.

I think that all of the engineers in Tonkean share the same attitude: One’s problem is everyone’s problem. We all share the same purpose and have the same set of values. We help each other. We’re a team. I remember one night, I had to finish an extremely urgent feature for one of our customers, and Afik [a fellow Tonkean employee] and I left the office at 5am. He stayed with me all night, although he didn’t have to stay. 

Building a strong team is an important factor for success.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I love to play tennis, I’m playing 2-3 times a week and I find it very challenging. 

Lately I’ve also started a new hobby: playing the piano. Actually I’m playing classical music, which is one of my favorite genres of music. I am also a big fan of philharmonic orchestra concerts.

In addition, I like to hand make things with wood! Once in a while I come up with an idea and I take out the tools and start with the craft. I’ve built tables, chairs and coasters.

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