Ilan Rado

Employee Spotlight: Ilan Rado 

Welcome back to our Employee Spotlight series, where we highlight members of the Tonkean team who exemplify the unique spirit of our company. 

This week, we’re featuring Ilan Rado, a Senior Product Manager at Tonkean. Ilan is a core and dynamic member of the Tonkean team. Fortifying, fearless, and formidably smart, he’s an innovator, a leader, a builder, a father, and an entrepreneur. Before coming to Tonkean, he was busy running companies of his own, including a startup whose mission was to reduce the environmental financial waste associated with online returns. But last year, Ilan began looking for new opportunities—a company working to address hard, important problems, where the team was passionate and the culture inspiring. 

Ilan found Tonkean on LinkedIn. After connecting with his future teammates during interviews, he could feel that passion and conviction in the culture. So, too, could he recognize the opportunity Tonkean has before it. He decided to join the ride. We’re VERY glad he did. 

Describe the work you do at Tonkean in a few sentences. 

As a product manager in a hyper-growth company, we have end-to-end responsibility for building the product, making sure we keep ahead of the market and aligning the product with the company vision. That means you play the entire field, from building the product strategy and roadmap, to interviewing customers and SA’s, to supporting sales activities, reviewing bugs and feature requests, writing detailed requirement documents and user stories, creating wireframes with the designers, and working very tightly continually with the engineering teams. It’s a lot of work, but great fun.    

Which Tonkean Core Value do you identify with most? Why?

“There is Always a Way” is my favorite. I truly believe in it. I believe that as long as we are not trying to change any physics laws, it is up to us to find the solution. This is true in work but also in life. You might not like the solution or what you had to do in order to find it, but it is there, and as long as you keep an open mind, are willing to work hard, and remain flexible enough, you will find the solution. And the reason I like that is that it keeps you on your toes and requires you to grow and learn so you can find the solution you are after. 

What is life like on the product team? 

As the product team touches almost every corner of the company, we get to interact with almost everyone in the office on a weekly basis.  As someone who loves people, it is great fun, especially when you have such a talented group of people in the same place.

The team is extremely sharp and honest, which is as it needs to be, because things are moving fast and you need to make sure you keep up. But if you are willing to work hard and learn as you go, you have a great opportunity to tackle one of the biggest challenges in our industry. This is the place to be if you want to build the best product in the market.

What excites you about the work you’re doing at Tonkean?

As I see it, product has a key role to play in the company’s success. But that’s a good thing. For me, taking such a big challenge and being able to impact the company’s future is what I want to be doing. This position is where I want to be. Add to that a bunch of crazy talented, fun, and committed people and you have yourself a great place to work.  

What do you predict for the future of Tonkean?

Tonkean is no doubt on the verge of becoming a leading player in the enterprise. We have the technology, the right people, and a ripe market. All it takes now is hard work—and of course, luck never hurt anybody. 

How do you spend your time outside of work? Some fun things about you?

Well, I have three kids so the family is a big part of my life. When I’m not spending time with the family, I very much like to hike or take a 4X4 off-road to explore the desert area of Israel. Sport is also a big part of my life and I try to train at least 3 times a week—either jogging or going to the gym.  

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