Introducing the Modern Business Operations Podcast, by Tonkean

Tonkean is proud to announce the launch, on January 19th, of Modern Business Operations—the first podcast dedicated exclusively to the rapidly changing world of business operations.

Each week, hosts Sagi Eliyahu, Co-Founder and CEO of Tonkean, and Briana Okyere, Community Lead at AdaptivOps, will be chatting with leaders in operations and IT about the trends, technologies, priorities and problems driving change and innovation in the operations space—and, with it, the enterprise. 

Topics will include how operations are driving enterprises to become more agile; how technologies such as low-code/no-code and automation are changing the nature of operations work; what forces in the world are everyday turning ops teams into mission-critical components inside their organizations—and more. 

Episodes already available include conversations with Lindsay Crittendon—Vice President of  Growth Initiatives Hippo (and formerly of Headspace)—who dishes on the importance of having a generalist and multi-disciplinary background in operations, as well as Mary O’Carroll, CCO of Ironclad, who chats about how she once built Google’s Legal Ops department from scratch

Briana and Sagi have also chatted with Venketesh Iyer, Head of Analytics, Business Planning, and Operations at Meta. In the episode, Iyer shares his thoughts on project management and the importance of goal-setting, communicating with stakeholders throughout any given process, and what key investments every operations team should make in order to be successful. 

Additional upcoming guests include:

  • Ravi Malick, Global CIO at Box
  • Frances Pomposo, Senior Director Legal Operations and Chief of Staff at Workday
  • Tim Jones, Former VP of Business Operations at Epic Games
  • Mark Znutas, Vice President of GTM Strategy and Operations at Hubspot

That’s just the beginning. The world of business operations, along with the enterprise more broadly, really is on the brink of revolutionary change. The way innovative organizations of the future operate will look vastly different than the way they do today. Business operations departments of tomorrow will be more agile and function with more independence, creating and managing their own solutions using composable techniques, and taking on more responsibility and leadership in change-making initiatives more broadly. Ops roles internally will continue to elevate in importance and esteem. And partly because of all this, ops teams will in turn take on larger roles in solving big problems not affecting their organizations, but the world writ large. 

It’s an exciting time, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

You can find everything you need to know about where to stream or download Modern Business Operations, what episodes have already aired, and what’s coming up next, on the podcast’s homepage.

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