Build an Operational Foundation for Your Legal Department

8 strategies to build an operational foundation that maximizes efficiency, reduces risk, and makes your legal team a better business partner.

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Why is it more important than ever to prioritize how your legal department operates?

The expectations for corporate legal teams are higher than ever. You need to minimize risk and become better business partners, all while keeping costs low. None of this can be accomplished without maintaining a standard of operational excellence for your legal department.

When you can build an operational foundation that’s efficient, empathetic, and resilient to disruption, you are able to better serve your business partners while simultaneously cutting costs and reducing error. Learn specific strategies on how to build an operational foundation for your legal department with our guide.

Eight strategies for building an adaptive operational foundation:

  1. Think people-first
  2. Reduce app dependency
  3. Reduce developer/IT dependency
  4. Minimize user interfaces
  5. Design processes that use automation, but keep humans-in-the-loop
  6. Make processes & systems proactive
  7. Design processes cross-functionally
  8. Adopt an Adaptive business Operations platform

Tackle important questions such as:

  • How to build processes and workflows that increase efficiency while at the same time putting the needs of my employees first? 
  • How to ensure my company can remain agile, adaptive, and flexible in the face of quickly changing market and social conditions?
  • How can I more effectively leverage technology to improve my processes?
  • Why thinking cross-functionally is critical to operating efficiently?

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