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Automate HR. Activate Happiness.

Free your people from manual processes, app overload and low-value work with HR automation that works for you.

Tonkean empowers HR teams to focus on high-value work, unlock people potential and make employees happier. 

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Go from manual to magical with no-code HR automation

Build what you need with no-code. Automate your processes. 

Manage your HR tech stack efficiently. Unify the data from all your systems.

Happier HR Teams

Let your HR/People teams focus on people & high-value work while Tonkean automates everything from onboarding to offboarding.

Happier Employees

Let your people use the best UI for their role. For ex, process contributors work from within the communication tools (Slack, Teams, Gmail, etc) they like while process owners can build custom apps to get deep, rich insights.

Happier Leadership

Let HR become a culture & revenue driver by delivering innovative insights to leadership that your best-in-class systems cannot.

Email intake triage and automation for HR

Buy best-in-class.
Build your own.

Overcome app sprawl easily. Buy only what you need. For everything else, there’s Tonkean. Be a maker and build your own automation in days with no-code.


There is an avg. of 16 HR systems in use by an enterprise today.

Let people work from the apps they love

Say goodbye to productivity loss and burnout from app switching. Let HR, employees and leadership finish tasks from their favorite tools like Slack, Gmail, Teams, etc.  

The avg. employee switches between apps 1200 times a day.
HR automation of background check with no-code
HR employee onboarding dashboard

ACTUALLY useful data & dashboards

Use Tonkean to continuously monitor and unify data from all your systems. Build dashboards that focus on metrics you care about and drive business impact. 

Make sense of your HR Tech stack today

Overcome the ‘law of diminishing returns’ as you add more tools.

Use Tonkean to orchestrate your HR automation tools and fill the gaps between them.

HR automation before Tonkean
HR automation after Tonkean

Connect to your favorite HR systems, custom apps, communication tools, databases, and more

Tonkean + HR Ops

From automating employee onboarding to orchestrating all your HR tech, people & processes, here are some examples of what you can do with Tonkean.

The avg. HR checks email every 6 mins but only does 23% of value-generating work from emails. Automate all your HR inboxes (jobs@, benefits@, etc) and bring a human-in-the-loop when needed.  

Setup one-click offboarding and let Tonkean coordinate the creation, management & update of all offboarding activities.



Let hiring managers start and finish job requisition process from within their favorite tool (Slack, Teams, etc.). Tonkean will route the request through different teams and see it to completion. 

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DIY dashboard to unite the data from all the systems your HR team works with. Get actionable insights from KPIs unique to your organization and drive business impact. 

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Integrating new hire into internal groups, tools and systems? Let Tonkean do the work for you.

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