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Onboard and retain your most valuable people

Tonkean helps companies create effective and personalized onboarding experiences and sales workflows to accelerate  productivity, improve efficiency, and increase retention.

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Rapidly improve outcomes for your revenue team

Learn industry best practices and use packaged, fully-customizable blueprints to drive better performance for your revenue team.

Revenue Operations Handbook

Improving revenue operations requires orchestrating an intricate mix of people, process, and systems. This handbook provides practical steps to drive better performance for your revenue team.

Churn Rate Handbook

Minimizing customer churn is one of the top priorities for the sales ops team. Learn industry best practices on the things you need to consider to reduce churn.

Customer Onboarding Blueprint

Optimizing customer onboarding can reduce ramp time by 54% and CSAT by 45%, ultimately improving customer success and retention. Utilize this packaged, fully customizable blueprint to deliver an ideal customer onboarding experience.

Tonkean + Sales Ops

Give your sales team the tools to be productive from day 1 to 1,000 with a structured onboarding process, proactive pipeline management, intelligent account monitoring and more.

Make updating your CRM after a call so quick and easy your sales team actually has time to get it done.

Don’t waste time searching through enormous knowledge bases. Ask the Tonkean chatbot to retrieve the information for you.

After a deal is closed, maintain the momentum by automatically coordinating and scheduling handoff calls between the sales and CS team.

Ensure a seamless customer handoff to the implementation team by simply filling out a form.

Automate scheduling, setting up, and sending reminders for sales meetings so that your sales team can focus on high value tasks.

Ensure CS teams have all the information they need from AEs to start the customer onboarding process.

Connect to any of your packaged & custom apps, communication tools, databases, and more

No-code means you
can actually be agile

Tonkean’s no-code platform empowers business operations teams to build process solutions without the constant reliance on developers or IT.
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Kiss change management

Build processes that put people first, and deliver automation around the tools you already have to reduce the amount of complexity and change.

Built for business.
Loved by IT.

Tonkean caters to both business and IT teams, providing an enterprise model to deliver both agility and governance across the organization.
Enterprise model for workflow governance across the organization
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Gain end-to-end visibility

Track item details and critical KPIs across multiple systems and teams in a single view. Identify process bottlenecks and automate actions to improve efficiency.

Tonkean empowers operations teams

Accelerate Operational Velocity

Provide ops teams with more flexibility and agility to improve operational efficiency.

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Reduce IT dependency

Minimize reliance on IT or engineering for support to improve processes.

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10x Lower Maintenance Costs

Simplify the ongoing maintenance of solutions with a single, no-code platform.

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Enterprise Grade

Provide IT with confidence to deploy and support mission – critical processes. SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.

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