Virtual Hackathon | December 7-11

Now, more than ever

2020 has elevated the most critical challenges of our time to the forefront. Poverty. Racism. Disease. Human Rights. Climate Change. 
Nonprofits are leading the way toward recovery and progress. But while these groups have the passion and vision to affect change, so many of them are burdened with operational and technical challenges that slow them down. With Changemakers, we’re connecting tech’s smartest minds with the projects that need their help to run efficiently.

The Nonprofit

You’re a nonprofit who’s going to change the world, one step at a time. But every resource and dollar you’ve got must go toward the cause, not toward expensive tech consultants and software. You’re also toiling away with inefficiencies and manual work that take away from the important work. Here’s your chance to transform your operations at no cost.

The Maker

You’re an operational wiz who’s helping keep your company processes running smoothly. Whether you’re in IT, HR Operations, Sales Operations, Legal Operations, Financial Operations, or distributed across those functions, you know exactly what it takes to make a business tick. Here’s your chance to help a nonprofit do the same!

What is Changemakers?

Today’s businesses face operational and technical roadblocks that inhibit them from scaling fast and lower their ability to make a meaningful impact on the communities they care for. At large enterprises, these inefficiencies are increasingly mitigated via major investments in process automation software and hiring top tech talent — luxuries that nonprofits don’t usually have. The goal of Changemakers is to level that operational playing field.

During the week of December 7-11, nonprofits who sign up for the project will be paired with one or more business operations experts for a full week of service to improve the nonprofit’s operational efficiencies.

Each Ops professional will be matched with a nonprofit based on their specific expertise and the organization’s operational needs. They will be provided Tonkean’s business operations platform to orchestrate their processes.

Professionals from the Operations and IT communities can register to volunteer their time in early December, while nonprofits can sign up if they seek free, operational support.

Our Inspiration

The Nonprofit

“None of us at Shopping Angels are professional technologists,” said Collins. “Instead of needing to know some sort of coding, or learn a new platform, our volunteers can use the tools they know already, like Slack and Gmail, to work together. Thanks to the help from our Maker volunteer and the processes he helped us create, our operations run smoothly, and we can change things in minutes rather than weeks and save a ton of time for the organization.”

Doug Collins | Chief Operation Officer, Shopping Angels

The Maker

“8,000+ volunteers are interacting with Shopping Angels on a daily basis, and we want them to focus on what’s important instead of being caught up with technical training. We were able to easily create a process that surfaces tasks and messages proactively, which means we didn’t have to train all these volunteers on how to use a new app. That saves us a bunch of time – weeks of work was reduced to just a few hours.”

Ben Wallace | Tonkean Maker, Shopping Angels

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The cross-functional community for operations professionals. At AdaptivOps, we believe that ops professionals are makers; those who have the power to create monumental change within their organizations. Our mission is to empower them through our forum, events, and knowledge sharing.

Pledge 1% is a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. Over 10,000 members in 100 countries have used Pledge 1%’s flexible framework to ignite half a billion in new philanthropy.

Raise for Good is a minority- and women-led consulting firm uniquely positioned at the intersection of tech and social impact. Our experience is rooted in private, public, and nonprofit sectors, as well as high-growth start-ups.

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