Changemakers: Virtual Hackathon Dec. 5th-Dec. 9th, 2022

Bringing together tech’s smartest minds to help nonprofits with their operational challenges.

Changemakers Initiative

In today’s world, we believe that Nonprofits lead the way toward recovery and progress.

But while these groups have the passion and vision to affect change, so many of them are burdened with operational and technical challenges that slow them down.

With Changemakers, we connect Tonkean’s community of makers with the projects that need their help to run efficiently for a week long hackathon.

By matching makers with nonprofits, we hope to affect real change in the world through skills-based volunteering.

The Nonprofit

You’re a nonprofit who’s going to change the world, one step at a time. But every resource and dollar you’ve got must go toward the cause, not toward expensive tech consultants and software. You’re also toiling away with inefficiencies and manual work that take away from the important work. Here’s your chance to transform your operations at no cost.

The Maker

You’re an operational wiz who’s helping keep your company’s processes running smoothly. Whether you’re in IT, Development, HR Operations, Sales Operations, Legal Operations, Financial Operations, or distributed across those functions, you know exactly what it takes to make a business tick. Here’s your chance to help a nonprofit do the same!



“In4All came away with a game changing tool that has already saved us countless hours. We’re completely confident that [Changemakers] and the framework and dedication of Tonkean and the makers has created a solution that is, by far, the most impactful and capacity-building thing we have done.”

Krystal Ngene, Corporate Engagement Manager, In4All


“When I was working with the nonprofits, I saw my skills and experience through the lens of those I was helping. It provided the rare feeling of building something, and knowing immediately that it would make a difference. This helped me see my life as a maker in a new light. In turn, it helped me appreciate my experience and ideas.”

Jeff Wang, Co-Founder and Host, RocketFuel Education


“The time that was saved [with Changemakers] is hands-down substantial. Hundreds of hours. The solution that we came up with helps us provide a better means for veterans to access their benefits and services. If we would have tried to develop that on our own, I’m not sure we would have been able to do it. In the long run, that’s essential to helping us help veterans.”

Alex De La Campa, Executive Director, A Future for Veterans


When I first heard of  Changemakers, it drew something out in me and really called me to participate.  It felt really good to be able to share the skills I have picked up over the course of my career with someone who really needed them, who may not have the same background as me, but truly benefited from the help and time I was able to give.

Maggie Butler, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Hubspot


A maker who participated in Changemakers highlights why skills-based volunteering is one the most valuable ways to give back. 

In4All, a nonprofit based out of Oregon, shares how changemakers helped them solve their operational challenges.

Alex De La Campa shares his experience working with a team of makers to overcome operational challenges.


Changemakers is a week long virtual hackathon where makers (those who work in operations and technology) are matched with nonprofits to solve their operational/technical challenges.

Changemakers is hosted by Tonkean’s community of makers called AdaptivOps. With 400+ makers in the AdaptivOps comunity, we thought it would be beneficial to tap the expertise of those talented individuals to do some good. 

Anyone who helps keep their company’s processes running smoothly. A maker can come from any department: IT, Development, HR, Sales, Customer Success, Legal, Finance, or distributed across those functions. If you are process oriented, you are a maker.

Just sign up here! After that, we will match you to with a nonprofit that needs your skills 1 week before the virtual hackathon. Then, you will spend 5 days working with the nonprofit to solve their challenge. Also, make sure to join the AdaptivOps community to stay up-to-date on any Changemakers activity.

Just sign up here! After that, we will go on the hunt for a maker with the skill set to help with your particular challenge. We will match you with your maker 1 week before the hackathon, then they will spend 5 days tackling your challenge.

>20% of your work-week, or roughly 10-15 hours during the week of the hackathon.

Nonprofits usually spend less than 20% of their work-week on their Changemakers project, or roughly 10 hours. The role of the nonprofit is to equip its maker(s) with the tools and access they need to solve their challenges. Once that is done, the makers can take it from there. We suggest meetings every day during the week of Changemakers to keep projects on track. Those meetings factor into the 15 hours mentioned above.

Any operational/technical challenge that a nonprofit may have. Think of something that is taking up a lot of manual time for you or your employees that could potentially be automated. Examples include; implementing a new system like salesforce, hubspot, or employee mamagement software, automating a task or tasks that are taking up a lot of manual time, updates to the user interface of a website, connecting systems in a more efficient manner. 

Besides the feeling of doing something good for the world, you will also gain access to AdaptivOps community of 400+ makers which includes events, an online forum, and a great network of like-minded individuals. At the end of your project, you will have the chance to present it during a Showcase, where you, your fellow makers, and your nonprofit will share the challenge you faced and how you overcame it. Your project will also be featured on the AdaptivOps blog.

The primary benefit to nonprofits is receiving help with technical and operational issues at no cost to you. At the end of your project, you will have the chance to present it during a Showcase, where you and your makers will share the challenge you faced and how you overcame it. If you are selected as the winner, you will receive a donation to your nonprofit. Your project will also be featured on the AdaptivOps blog.

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