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Hopper, headquartered in Montreal, Québec, is an AI travel-booking service that helps consumers find flight options and deals.

Hopper is on a mission to revolutionize how people book travel. By using AI to analyze billions of prices daily, Hopper helps travelers book the right flights at the right times to save on costs, sometimes up to 40%.

The Challenge

As part of an initiative to improve customer support, Hopper transitioned from form-based to chat-based support by deploying Intercom. However, with the improved customer experience of real-time support also came the expectations of handling a high volume of requests in a timely manner. To ensure that each support request was receiving the right level of attention, Hopper needed to properly analyze each incoming chat in real-time, tag each conversation, and then route the conversation through the proper handling process.

However, analyzing and tagging conversations required a significant amount of manual effort from support agents, which took time and attention away from serving customers. Additionally, each support agent needed to work across multiple systems, like Aircall and Front, and teams, such as customer service teams for specific airlines, to ensure each request was properly handled. Doing so manually added complexity and time to resolution for each request, which significantly limited the amount of requests each support agent could handle.

Hopper support workflow before Tonkean Illustration
Illustration: Support workflow before Tonkean

The Solution

In a matter of days, using Tonkean, Hopper was able to optimize their customer support workflow with adaptive modules that auto-handled analyzing and tagging each conversation using NLP. Additionally, to lessen the load on support agents, Hopper was able to automate some routine requests completely and automate the initial information gathering process of more complex requests. Over time Hopper built modules to handle more than 50 different support request cases.

More broadly, Hopper leveraged Tonkean as a go-to platform for support operations to adapt to business disruptions. During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hopper saw support requests increase multiple-fold overnight due to flight cancellations and rebookings. They deployed, in a matter of hours, adaptive modules with Tonkean to triage COVID-19 related conversations and reduce manual work from their support agents.

Illustration: Support workflow after Tonkean

The Result

By empowering their support operations team with Tonkean, Hopper was able to reduce the amount of manual work support agents were required to perform. This allowed each support agent to handle a higher volume of support requests while still maintaining a great customer experience. Additionally, Hopper’s support operations team was better equipped to adapt to their unique operational needs, even when sudden changes impacted the business.

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