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SUITER SWANTZ IP IS AN OMAHA-BASED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM THAT PROVIDES PATENT, TRADEMARK, AND COPYRIGHT LEGAL SERVICES to a wide array of clients across the Great Plains states. With over 100 years combined experience, they are trusted by companies ranging from startups and individual inventors to multi-billion dollar corporations to guide them through the daunting process of safeguarding their trade secrets.

With over 3,000 patents and 700 trademarks secured on behalf of their clients, Suiter’s success relies on their deep technical knowledge, breadth of legal expertise, and ability to navigate a severely detailed and complex system.

Being well organized and having a strong grasp on the status of cases is essential to maximizing the value Suiter delivers to their clients. Multiple attorneys typically participate in cases along with paralegals, legal assistants, researchers, administrative sta and other subject matter experts. Each resource provides essential support in ensuring all the elements come together. With so many touchpoints, deliverables, and deadlines, keeping track of it all is a full-time job unto itself.

What I like about Tonkean is that it dynamically updates itself. Everything I need to know about my business is available whenever I need it. It’s like I’m beating nature.

This is where Tonkean comes in.

For each case Suiter handles, a Track is created. Within each Track, action items and deliverables are assigned as sub-tracks with due dates to specific team members. As deadlines approach, the Tonkean module proactively requests updates from Sub-track owners via Slack and email. Responses are automatically posted to the Tonkean platform with the option of adding comments. From there, Track owners can simply review the dashboard to see the status of every deliverable of every case.


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Beating Nature

The power of Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform for Suiter Swantz IP lies in its mobile app, its flexibility, and the dynamic and predictive communications functionality. As Lawyers meet with clients or appear in court, they have all the answers they need about their cases right in their hands. Gone is the need to shuffle through legal pads, ping the team or search crowded inboxes for updates. Each case Track can be customized for its discrete requirements eliminating the challenges of inflexible Excel spreadsheets. And, the time saved from the adaptive module proactively seeking updates can not be overstated.

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