If it's not your product code, it should be no-code.

Decouple your code-base from internal business operations needs.

Everything that business operations needs.
100% no-code.

The building blocks to manage and streamline any business process –  actions, triggers, logic, associations, formulas, reporting, with truly no-code.

Contextual Event Triggers

Trigger actions based on system updates, human actions, item details, timing, or any combination of contextual elements.

People Coordination Actions

Accelerate human steps with actions that proactively reach out and follow-up with people for input in their preferred communication tool.

Data Actions

Add actions that create, read, update, and delete data elements in any packaged or custom data source.

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Conditional Logic

Quickly define complex decision rules and logical flows to handle any case in your business process.

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Smart Entity Mapping

Automatically associate linked elements across systems and people without any manual data mapping.

Advanced Formulas

Define, with no-code, custom combined data elements to drive process decisions or measure KPIs.

Live Reports

Monitor, report, and act on every item detail as well as overall operational KPIs to deliver end-to-end visibility and efficiency.

R&D own the Data. Ops teams own the logic.

Connect the data-sources once, and empower ops teams to maintain and own their processes.

Connect any raw JSON/XML or internal API to a Custom Data Source.

Push data to a secure Webhook, or configure Tonkean to poll on an API. Tonkean will accept any JSON / XML input, and convert it to a flat data model for the operation logic to use.

Create a view on any Database, only you control the queries.

Connect to any SQL or No-SQL Databases and create custom views of only the data you want to pull in for the business to use.

Connect to any 3rd party data source, spreadsheet or SaaS application.

Business applications like: CRMs, ERPs, Support, Project management, and many others, are core for automating business operations. Tonkean have native integrations with 100+ SaaS application. You can easily connect using API key / oAuth, and have full control on access and Data retention.

Enterprise ready.

The security, scalability, and reliability you need to deliver complete solutions to your most critical business processes.

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Our security model and controls are based on international protocols and standards and adheres to industry best practices, including SOC2 Type II, GDPR and others.

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Scalability Built-In

Build processes with full confidence to scale for high activity volumes and unexpected load spikes while maintaining high availability.

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Full Audit Logs

Automatically capture all activity history to easily triage issues, maintain compliance, and understand what is happening with each business process.

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Data Retention Settings

Granular data retention controls for each process allows you to keep data for only as long as you need to, while staying within your security guidelines.

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Advance Access Controls

Multi-level access controls allows IT to govern access while enabling business operations teams the autonomy to build their own solutions.

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Self-Hosted Cloud Option

Option to run on our public or dedicated Cloud, or your own self-hosted cloud, on any of the major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Built with engineering

Empower every ops professional’s problem solving nature with a powerful, yet simple, no-code platform. All while providing the structure necessary to test, iterate, and confidently deploy mission-critical solutions fast.

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EVERSANA Improves The Patient Experience

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the U.S., millions of Americans were suddenly out of work, and EVERSANA had minimal time to roll out new solutions to help unemployed patients enroll themselves in affordability programs. They used Tonkean to create a tailored solution for their specific needs to make an immediate impact and connect patients with the programs they needed quickly.

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The power of Tonkean, I don't think it can be overstated.

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