Employee Account Management

Automate the entire employee lifecycle end-to-end, from provisioning new employee accounts and permission sets to decommissioning the licenses of recent departures.

Integrate Every System

Integrate your IAM packages, non-SSO, legacy apps, and permission sets into one orchestrated operation without any need for development in Tonkean.

Monitor New Employee Arrivals

When an employee is added to your SSO, they'll be automatically added to the right groups and given the appropriate system licenses/profiles based on data derived from an IAM tool, HR system, or a spreadsheet.

Add Human Decision-Making

In the case of uncertainty, Tonkean can ping a new hire's manager with a form asking them for more specific details, such as what system profile they should have, groups they should be added to, etc.

Automate employee account management across your systems & teams

Automate the previously manual process of provisioning and decommissioning employee accounts across all of your system licenses and permission sets.

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The ability to deliver
complex solutions. Fast.

Deliver process solutions in a fraction of the time that it takes to implement packaged or custom build solutions.


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Work with your tools, people, and processes

Systems should fit around your people and processes, not the other way around. Tonkean achieves fast time to value, allowing you to extend your existing tools to work for your unique people and processes.

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