HR Email Requests

Allow your HR team to focus on more important work by automating triaging, handling, and routing of email questions and requests to HR.

Automate Routine Requests

Accelerate turnaround time in handling routine requests to HR by automating responses to common questions or routing more complex requests.

Reduce Administrative Time

Reduce the time your HR team spends on administrative requests so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives like improving culture and employee satisfaction.

Improve Employee Experience

Make it simple for your employees to get what they need by streamlining your HR email request experience without taxing your team.

Automate email requests across your systems & teams

Let Tonkean automatically read and understand incoming requests. Then, immediately respond to simple requests, automatically route more complex requests, and orchestrate the resolution of HR issues end-to-end.

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The ability to deliver
complex solutions. Fast.

Deliver process solutions in a fraction of the time that it takes to implement packaged or custom build solutions.


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Avg. Delivery Time

vs alternatives

Buy Packaged

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Custom Build

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Work with your tools, people, and processes

Systems should fit around your people and processes, not the other way around. Tonkean achieves fast time to value, allowing you to extend your existing tools to work for your unique people and processes.

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Here are some other modules that can be used in conjunction to streamline your business processes end-to-end.

Tonkean lets you avoid the mess of manually creating forms, to-do lists, and coordination between multiple teams when bringing on a new employee.

Consolidate the vital information that’s scattered across systems, folders, and people and make them easily accessible across your organization.

Avoid wasting time configuring system licenses by orchestrating the provisioning and decommissioning of system permission sets end-to-end.

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