HR Email Requests

Allow your HR team to focus on more important work by automating triaging, handling, and routing of email questions and requests to HR.

Automate Routine Requests

Accelerate turnaround time in handling routine requests to HR by automating responses to common questions or routing more complex requests.

Reduce Administrative Time

Reduce the time your HR team spends on administrative requests so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives like improving culture and employee satisfaction.

Improve Employee Experience

Make it simple for your employees to get what they need by streamlining your HR email request experience without taxing your team.

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Automate Your
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HR Inbox

Power your HR inbox with an adaptive module that automatically reads and understands incoming requests. Then, immediately respond to simple requests, automatically route more complex requests, and manage HR issues end-to-end.

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Consolidated View of All Requests

Gain visibility across all of your HR requests. Ensure no employee need falls through the cracks by seeing the live status of each request. Monitor SLAs and other KPIs to continually improve response time and employee satisfaction.

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