A Virtual Coordinator for Any Workflow

Outreach, routing, approvals and more.

Tonkean’s AI Workflow Bot proactively seeks out updates from teams, and organizes it into one dashboard along with key data from the tools you use. 

By connecting key data with the context only your team can provide, Tonkean ends micromanagement and enables teams to focus on doing great work.

Watch how Tonkean’s AI Bot works with Slack

How to get started?

After the first time you sign in to your Tonkean account, simply add the Tonkean Bot to Slack:


Trusted by enterprises worldwide


Complete toolbox for operations

Quickly respond to business needs

Tonkean provides an end-to-end platform to integrate, orchestrate, and automate any process in business operations, no coding required.

Automated Customer Touchpoints & Alerts
Priority Case Logging
Intelligent Notifications
Advanced Lead Routing
Customer Notes Capture

API for people

Intelligent people coordination

Tonkean puts your people at the center by reaching them where they are, Slack or email. Tonkean’s AI Workflow Bots automate processes around the behaviors of your people, getting the information from people to systems as quickly and easily as possible.

Slack to Hubspot

Simplify & improve usage of your tools

eliminate manual steps & data capture

Fully automate procedural tasks like updating records, routing tasks, processing approvals, and simplifying note capture so that your business teams can maximize the time doing what they do best.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks


Streamline your processes and improve visibility of your team performance by connecting all of your applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Intercom, and more with Slack.


Your systems, your way


Systems should fit around processes, not the other way around. Design custom workflows and logic around the needs of your people and business without changing your underlying systems.


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