Legal Workflow Automation With Flexibility

Automate legal processes without change management by connecting to existing tools–email, chat, and more.

The challenge with current workflow automation tools

Struggling to get your business clients adopting new workflows? It’s because people don’t want to learn new interfaces. Current workflow solutions to common legal processes such as matter intake, legal questions, contract approvals, etc., is to point users to a legal portal with a host of forms where the information they submit gets processed and routed to legal.

However, just because a process has been “automated” through a collection of forms in a portal, doesn’t actually mean people will know how to navigate the portal or use each form. Inevitably, your business clients will have questions, leading to emails being sent to legal, which leads to inefficiency and eliminates the point of the legal portal to begin with


Automate workflows without change management

Tonkean empowers legal operations teams to quickly create tailored process solutions that automate legal processes without change management. By communicating with people in email or other collaboration platforms (like Slack and MS Teams) and natively integrating with existing tools like ELM, contract systems, CRMs, e-signature, HR systems, and hundreds more you can deliver efficiency without adopting new tools or asking people to learn new behavior.

Reduce Developer Dependency

Tonkean empowers your operations team to be fully self-sufficient and create customized solutions without any code (we mean it!), meaning your team can conceptualize, deploy, and iterate on existing processes in a matter of hours, not days. Because our platform is built for legal operations teams, you can build your own workflows without having to sit in the backlog of your IT team.


Use Cases For Legal Ops

Check out some examples of how legal operations teams are using Tonkean to automate processes.

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