Monitor your Deals and Customers.
Initiate the Right Action.

Our bot monitors key customer metrics and executes internal workflows when needed, across your existing tools.

Assess Risk using data from multiple tools: your CRM, Analytics, Support, Spreadsheets and any other data source.
Tonkean's A.I. Bot proactively reaches out to account owners for input and to initiate action.
Tonkean Workflow Builder

End-to-End Workflow Automation

With our powerful Workflow Builder, you can easily train your Bots to coordinate or execute any business workflow end-to-end. Including data manipulation and people coordination.

Your Mission Control Center

Where everything comes together. Monitor and manage your entire mission from one place.


Capture and monitor just the most relevant metrics from across your business tools which indicate churn risk in a unified, fully customizable dashboard.

Comprehensive and Precise

Combine data from multiple sources to create unique KPIs that deepen insight and inform the Tonkean A.I. Bot when to alert account owners to take action.

Heightened Urgency

The Tonkean A.I. Bot proactively follows up with account owners when data indicates churn risk. Engage customers to address threats as they arise.


Tonkean complements and seamlessly integrates with the business tools you already use. No dismantling of your existing infrastructure, or training your team on new systems.
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You invest a lot of time, energy and resources securing new customers. When they leave the cost is greater than the lost revenue. Your customer success and account teams do everything they can to ensure positive customer experiences, however, happiness is only one element in identifying churn risk. Customer data contains the other clues on whether there is jeopardy. That data, working in tandem with insight shared by the team, provides the most comprehensive and precise analysis on churn risk.

In order to accurately predict whether a customer is at risk, the right data must be drawn from disparate sources and studied in relationship with itself. This is a tedious and ineffective exercise that threatens a speedy resolution to issues that may impact a customer’s decision whether or not to continue on. Time is of the essence. Your team should be focusing on addressing concerns and problem-solving, and not on determining the risk factors.

Tonkean eliminates the time-consuming, manual process of conducting churn risk analysis in real-time and motivating action by your team when data indicates a threat. Simply define the metrics and KPIs you consider most relevant in identifying churn risk, and Tonkean captures key data from across your business tools in to a single, fully customizable dashboard. The A.I. Bot proactively monitors the data and automatically engages account owners when threat conditions are met.

Don’t let time keep you from taking action to reinforce customer retention. Let Tonkean do the hard work of delivering the critical insight you need so you can devote your attention securing revenue and customer growth.