Following Up with People Sucks

And spreadsheets and documents don’t help at all!

Tonkean automates the tiresome chore of getting updates from your team. Rather than endless email threads and clunky spreadsheets and documents, enter what you need to track in Tonkean, and let it smartly get the information you need when you need it.

Watch how Tonkean automatically follows up for you

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Start With a Built-In List


The Tonkean A.I. Bot proactively reaches out to you and your team in Slack or email for updates, so you won't have to.


All of your updates and data you care about are organized in to one clean bulleted list so you can see the big picture.


Tonkean tracks all of your tasks and action items, automatically following up as needed for updates. Nothing slips through the cracks.


Tonkean complements and seamlessly integrates with the business tools you already use. No dismantling of your existing infrastructure, or training your team on new systems.
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You know the routine…

There is a project or initiative you’re driving with cross-functional team members. You hold regular sync up meetings to update on progress and plan next steps. Before each sync up, you have to reach out to task owners for status, wait for their responses, dig through emails to make sure you didn’t miss anything, and then update a spreadsheet, document or (ugh) PowerPoint deck. You may even email it to your boss for her review beforehand. And then you do it again next week. And, again. And, again… Exhausting and tedious, right? There is a better way.

Tonkean eliminates the time-consuming and imperfect process of ensuring you get the updates you need on the important tasks and deliverables you are managing. Our smart A.I. Bot takes the burden of chasing updates off your shoulders, and organizes your team’s responses and data in to a fully customizable dashboard. And, you will never need to use a spreadsheet or document ever again to keep track of team updates. They weren't designed for that anyway.

Offload the tedium to Tonkean, and devote your full attention to do meaningful work!