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The 5 Financial Terms Every Operations Professional Should Know

 Lindsey Crittendon, Head of Headspace for Work, and Ada Johnson, VP of Finance at Heap Analytics, cover the financial terms they believe are critical to a successful career in operations.

Legal Ops 101: A Crash Course in Legal Language for Operations

Sheindy Hotter, Legal Operations Manager at SimilarWeb, covers the legal language operations professionals should be aware of in order to communicate effectively across departments.

Demystifying Marketing Operations: A Lesson in Metrics Across Departments

Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny, Marketing Operations Manager at easyDITA, gives a crash course on go-to-market metrics and data reportability as they relate to operations.

Process Mapping 101: Identifying Gaps In Your Operational Framework

Konrad Treter, Operations Manager at City Pantry, covers how operations professionals can identify gaps in their operational framework, and provides best practices to remedy them.

How to Standardize Operations Across Departments: Enforcing Change
without Change Management

Sarah Touzani, COO @Creditspring, & May Ong, BizOps Manager at Hofy, draw on their experience in operations both from a COO and Consultant lense to share best practices for overcoming the many challenges associated with inter-departmental change management.

No More Inaccurate Reports: A Crash Course in Data-flows

Michael Levy, Solutions Architect at Tonkean, taps his years of experience in managing data flows at companies like Google and Tonkean to walk attendees through best practices for mapping, and more importantly understanding their data in order to avoid inconsistencies.

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