Pricing Plan

Monitor, manage, and automate your operations.

100% no-code. 100% no bs.

Pricing that fits your needs

Purchase one or more bundles depending on the size of your team or the scope of your processes.

Each Bundle includes:

Starting at:

$42,000/ yearly

14 days free trial

50 Actors


500,000 Items

Need more?

Speak with a process consultant to create the exact package that would fit your operational needs.

Volume discounts apply

What’s included in each bundle

Access to all features and functionality of the Tonkean platform is included regardless of the number of actors and items.

8×5 PST support, platform training, and enablement with our world-class support organization.

Each bundle comes with 50 actors. An actor is an end user who interacts with the workflow.

All bundles include our whole library of 100+ integrations and the ability to create custom data sources without code.

Shared, secure cloud environment with elastic scaling to support your most critical workflows. 

Each bundle comes with 500k items. An item is an individual object Tonkean recognizes and monitors.

Support Packages


For enterprise operational needs



For those that need increased support and availability

Support PackagesStandardPremium
Tonkean Docs + University + Community
Platform Training & Maker Enablement
Customer Support: Tickets (Email, In-App Live Chat)8am-5pm M-F(PST)24/7
Dedicated Slack channel w/ Tonkean Support
Designated Implementation ArchitectInitial Implementation
Designated Engagement ManagerInitial Implementation
Additional Implementation Architect TimeUp to 10 hr/month
Tonkean Client Success Value Workshops3 per year
Tonkean Product Team Workshops w/ Input on Roadmap2 per year
Cost per Year$0Starts at $25,000
*Initial Implementation is defined as the scoped use case(s) for going live

Flexible Cloud
Deployment Options

Public AWS

Tonkean’s public servers are stored on AWS. The public cloud environment will be managed by Tonkean.

Dedicated AWS

A single cloud environment not shared with other customers. The dedicated cloud environment will be managed by Tonkean and is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Private Cloud
/ On-Prem

Have Tonkean installed on your private cloud environment. This environment will be privately managed by your internal IT team, and can be hosted on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Need dedicated or private cloud?