Fully automated

Get the right updates from your team, at the right time, via our A.I. bot. You put the due date, we’ll do the rest.

Always monitored

When your data lives in Tonkean, it’s always monitored, so spikes or anomalies are caught right when they happen.

Smart alerts

If we notice a spike or anomaly in your data, our A.I. Bot will proactively reach out to the right person to get you the answers you need.

No new process

The Tonkean bot works in Slack or email, so your team doesn’t have to adopt a new tool. And don’t worry, we’ll ONLY ping them when it’s relevant, and will go away if they ask 🙈

Tonkean basics

Team's input


Live data

Tracks can be assigned owners, due dates, and have custom fields so you can get the data you care about most from the Track overview.

All those are used the A.I. Bot to smartly reach out to the owners and ask for the current status and input.

A Track is an initiative you care about and want to monitor. It can be something high level (like a customer), or a lower level action item.

We refer to this list of things as “Tracks,” which can be created manually, or imported from existing tools, and connected to your data sources.

Data in Tonkean is always monitored and up to date. This means you can use Tonkean to get the latest status of action items managed in other tools, like Salesforce or JIRA, because everything is kept synced from both directions.

Introducing Tonkean A.I. Bot

Tonkean’s brilliant bot is here to help you out in your day to day, as well as in times of crisis.
It’ll help you focus on leading by doing the grunt work of gathering data and insights from all over the place for you, while still letting you keep a personal touch.

Fully automated

Enjoy the full automation our A.I bot provides, and get updates when you need them.

Instead of having to wait for weekly sync meetings, the Tonkean bot will reach out to the right person, at the right time, to get those important updates for you. Answers will then magically appear in Tonkean next to the relevant data.

Way easier than pinging your team all the time and manually updating excel spreadsheets, no?

Smart alerts

Get real-time answers from your team when there are spikes or anomalies in your data.

As Tonkean is no ordinary monkey, its bot will not only alert you when there are spikes or anomalies in your data, it will also proactively reach out to the owner of the track to understand the why behind what happened.

Basically, you’ll get the answers you need before you even know you need them.

Break down silos with linked tracks

Are multiple customers dependent on the same action item?

No worries. In Tonkean, all Tracks can be inter-linked and referenced so you get a true and complete visualization of your business reality.

One Click Integration
With your current tools and systems

1000+ integrations

Looking for a specific one? Check here →

More cool features

Bullet list simple

We built Tonkean in bullet list fashion so you can create tracks freely, without constraining your workflow.

Fast and easy setup

Import your customer list from Salesforce or HubSpot, add owners and smart alerts, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Powerful drag and drop

Drag and drop tracks to change the hierarchy of your bullet list, or make a track a sub-track of another, with ease.

Activity feed with all your updates

See when a tracks status changes, an insight is added, or an update is made by the owner, for everything on your bullet list.

Track creation from Slack

Create tracks inside Slack by simply writing to the Tonkean bot! Just type “Create new tracks” and then list them out one by one.

Tonkean activity in Slack #channel

Set up a Slack channel to get your Tonkean updates in Slack, and give your team (or entire company) a peak at what’s happening.

Calendar view

View all your upcoming deals, customer renewals, and action items in a calendar view, to quickly see if things are going as planned, or if something needs your attention.

Private lists

Create private lists for work on sensitive items to make sure that information is only shared and tracked with specific people.

Summary report

Get an executive summary of the current state of your business with the weekly Tonkean summary report, and easily share it out to execs or other stakeholders.

Tools you already use

We’ve added lots of integrations to Tonkean so you can get the information and context you need for each of your Tracks.

Managers ❤ Tonkean

We haven’t missed a deliverable since we implemented this 18 months ago.
With Tonkean, I don't need to worry about things unless I should be worried about them.
Wes Goldstein
Director, Client Engagement JCS Consulting Group
Tonkean is an absolute game changer because it lets me be everywhere at the same time - it’s like it duplicates me!
Ariel Cohen
CEO & Founder TripActions
Tonkean has become my everyday tool. Instead of having my data spread across different tools, now everything is in one place - with the latest from my team.
Dan Kotlicki
COO & Founder Toonimo