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Live Product Demo
Harness the Power of Enterprise No-Code

Join this 30-minute demo on July 15 @ 1pm PT to see a deep dive of Tonkean’s platform and understand how no-code is making a vast difference for enterprises.

Upcoming Events & Webinars

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Tonkean: The BizOps Platform

What sets Tonkean apart from other automation platforms? Learn from Brett Li, our VP of Product Marketing, on how Tonkean focuses on orchestrating dynamic, human-centric processes as opposed many RPA platforms that are limited to specific, repetitive tasks.

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Overcoming Operational Barriers for RevOps

In today’s fast-moving world, a business is only as good as how quickly it can adapt its operations. Watch this 20-minute product webinar recording to learn how you can use the platform to increase your company’s sales velocity.

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Online Event

2020 CLOC Global Institute

On 11/10, CLOC will gather the most innovative legal professionals from around the world. Join of one of the 14 sessions or visit Tonkean’s booth to learn about the future of legal tech.

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Changemakers 2020

The first ever global hackathon connecting operations’ & tech’s smartest minds with the non-profits that need their help to run efficiently.

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