Sales Velocity

Accelerate revenue from new lead to cash collection

Tonkean aligns the entire operations for your revenue cycle from marketing & sales to legal & finance, removing any bottlenecks and providing complete visibility.

Adaptive Modules For Sales Velocity

Check out some examples of how enterprises are using Tonkean to expedite revenue growth.


No-Code & No Change Management 

Tonkean accelerates time to value by enabling cross-functional business operations & IT teams to rapidly orchestrate processes and improve operational visibility on top of your existing systems & tools.

Instant ROI

One of the biggest factors that harm system or process improvement projects is implementation time. On average, our customers go from purchase to deploying their first solution within two weeks.

TripActions improves customer experience through automation

By automating and orchestrating the end-to-end support escalation process between multiple teams and systems (Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack). TripActions improved customer experience, efficiency, and visibility across customer support.

Tonkean is an absolute game changer.

— Ariel Cohen, CEO & Founder TripActions

Orchestrate your sales velocity operations

Orchestrate all the cross-functional processes that contribute to your sales velocity without adopting or changing any systems, forcing people to learn new tools, or adding manual steps.

eliminate bottlenecks in your sales & cash processes

Remove manual handoffs, administrative tasks, redundant items, and other delays in your processes to accelerate your sales velocity.

Gain end-to-end visibility of key revenue metrics

Monitor, measure, and act on key sales velocity metrics across teams and systems like length of sales cycle, opportunity conversions, upsell cycle time, and more.        

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with your systems

Tonkean seamlessly integrates with 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to change your existing environment or train your team on new tools.

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Sales velocity is more than a sales metric.

All of the critical functions in your organization from marketing, legal, finance, accounting, and more contribute to how quickly you can create and collect revenue. So simply improving your sales processes won’t actually maximize your sales velocity.

Not only do you need to streamline all of the processes that touch sales velocity, like lead-to-opp conversions, contract lifecycle, and quote-to-cash, you must also ensure complete alignment between all the various functions.

Tonkean orchestrates the entire business operations of sales velocity to create efficiency, alignment, and visibility, and by connecting with the systems you already have and the tools people already use, Tonkean can improve revenue cycles without any business disruption.