Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tonkean?

Tonkean is a tool for managers. Unlike business intelligence or team management tools, Tonkean uncovers your business reality. It intelligently brings you answers that are only tangible when human input meets data, allowing you to stop with the nagging and focus on managing.

What’s required to create a new Tonkean board?

All you need to do is give it a name! Though we do highly recommend connecting it to your Slack team to fully enjoy the Tonkean bot.

The Tonkean Slack bot knows how to automatically reach out to your team and ask for the latest status of the things defined in Tonkean.

What happens when I connect Tonkean to my current tools?

  1. You will be able to import items from the different tools (such as deals from your CRM, or "epics" and "lists" from your project management tools) and keep them synced with your Tonkean "Tracks." Tonkean will then reach out to the relevant people to keep everything up to date.
  2. Tonkean will analyze the data from those tools and match relevant information to existing Tracks. This will provide you with more detail and a deeper understanding of where things stand — across your different departments, teams and workflows.

Using a tool we don't integrate with yet? Let us know!

What are "Full users" and "Team members"?

"Full users" are only users that have access to the Tonkean web application (and were manually invited). They are usually managers, and can create, configure and view Tonkean's boards, lists and reports.

"Team members" are everyone in your Slack team or any person that is being set as an owner. They do not have access to the Tonkean web application and can only interact using the Bot.

What happen when the trial is over?

Trials are for the Standard package. So if the trial is over and you didn't subscribe your account, it will be downgraded to the Free package.

Where can I give feedback, ask questions, report a bug, or get help?

For all of the above, you can shoot us an email at OR chat with us live!