Composable Software is the Technology Ops Teams Have Been Waiting For

composable software

A wise person once told me: “Always use the right tool for the job.” This maxim holds true regardless whether you work with your hands at a trade or are coordinating workflows for entire departments within an enterprise. Well, the most powerful tool available to operations professionals is a composable software platform because it allows anyone—particularly operations teams—to rapidly build bespoke software solutions that meet specific business needs as they arise.…

What are APIs? And What Role Do They Play in Composability?

shaking hands APIsAPIs (or, application programming interfaces) are tools that connect data systems, applications, and computers such that information can be sent back and forth between them.

What Is Composability? The Road To The Composable Enterprise

Woman typing on laptop no-codeComposability is a way of building software using “building blocks," which can be assembled using no-code.