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Customer Onboarding & Handoff Blueprint

In this Blueprint:
In this Blueprint:

What is Customer Onboarding?

More than 80% of of your Revenue comes from existing customers. In other words, successful onboarding is imperative to customer retention and your business growth.

Customer onboarding is the nurturing process that gets new users and customers acquainted and comfortable with your product. An exceptional customer onboarding program involves step-by-step tutorials, helpful guidance and support, and confirms that your customers know your product well and they can very clearly obtain value from it.

Lower customer ramp time
Higher CSAT scores
Reduced customer service costs
Customer retention rates
Increased upsell potential

Why follow this Blueprint?

  • Reduce customer ramp time by 54%
  • Increase CSAT by 45%
  • Improve customer engagement by more than 50%
  • Reduce customer service costs by 33%
  • Accelerate time to value by 25%
  • Reduce customer churn by 40%
  • Increase upsell potential by 75%

Best practices for Customer Onboarding

To achieve the results above, the following sections of the process need to be included and optimized.

1. Handoff from Sales

Auto-generate an onboarding plan based on existing information and fill in the gaps by asking questions.

Example Modules:
Generate Onboarding Documents
Schedule Kick-Off Meetings
Example People & Primary Interfaces:
Account Executive
Customer Success Manager

2. Provision the Account

Provision and deploy the appropriate environments, send relevant setup information, or create a ticket for development/IT. This includes customer asset collection

Example Modules:
Collect & Approve License Information
Create Customer Account
Example People & Primary Interfaces:
Account Executive
R&D Specialist

3. Manage Documents & Knowledge

Capture and manage a growing library of knowledge while filing every step of the process.

Example Modules:
Document Search Chatbot
Slack Icon
Recommend Documents
Example People & Primary Interfaces:
Slack Icon
Customer Success Manager

4. End-to-End Reporting

View and monitor the entire process and identify areas of improvement.

Example Modules:
Customer Onboarding Report
Example People & Primary Interfaces:
Sales Leadership
Customer Success Leadership

Want the ideal customer onboarding experience?