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Legal Intake, Triage & Coordination Blueprint

In this Blueprint:
In this Blueprint:

What is Legal Intake, Triage & Coordination?

Legal intake, triage, & coordination is the process of receiving, triaging, managing, and resolving matters and legal requests from business customers.

An optimized legal intake, triage, & coordination process ensures that every legal request is handled as effectively as possible and ensures every member of the legal team is spending their time focused on the things that maximizes their skillset and value. This improves the speed & agility with which legal teams can support the business and maximize customer satisfaction.

Saved per legal team member
Faster turnaround time
Shorter processing time
Higher business CSAT
Higher productivity

Why follow this Blueprint?

  • Save 2-3 hours of manual work per person from legal team members triaging requests
  • Accelerate turnaround times for routine requests by 80%
  • Accelerate sales cycles by decreasing contract processing times by 50%
  • Improve business customer satisfaction by 25%
  • Increase the number of requests handled per lawyer by 20%

Best practices for Legal Intake, Triage, & Coordination

To achieve the results above, the following sections of the process need to be included and optimized.

1. Gather Legal Requests

Gather requests from all the sources of intake across the organization including forms, emails, chat, or other systems.

Example Modules:
Intake from a Form
Intake from a Email
Intake from Slack/MS Teams
Intake from CRM
Example People & Primary Interfaces:
General Requestor
Sales Requestor
Legal team

2. Triage Requests

Triage the incoming request to understand its details (i.e. type, risk-level, priority, etc.), collect missing information, and route to the right legal team.

Example Modules:
Automatic Triage
Triage by Legal Team
Example People & Primary Interfaces:
Legal Team

3. Unified Request Management

Report on critical KPIs such as types of request, location of requests, area of law, request handling time, and more to identify key opportunities for improvement.

Example Modules:
Legal KPIs Dashboard
Example People & Systems:
Legal Ops

4. Auto Handle Common Requests

Auto-handle requests that can be handled, including questions that are out of legal’s jurisdiction and routine requests like NDAs, SOWs, etc.

Example Modules:
Common Question Responses
Slack Icon
Auto-Generate Documents
Create Matters
origami risk
Kickoff Contracts
Ironclad Logo
Coordinate Signatures
Example People & Systems:
Legal Team
General Counsel
Original Requestor

5. Coordinate Special Requests With Legal Team

Route requests to the right legal team member based on the request type & area of law. Track progress of each request and proactively follow-up with the legal team member to understand the latest status.

Example Modules:
Request Additional Information
Slack Icon
Handle by Attorney
Slack Icon
Example People & Systems:
Legal Team

Want the ideal legal intake experience?