Tonkean Magic Moments

Discover how Tonkean makes previously tedious and inefficient processes become elegantly simple. That’s what we call a “Magic Moment”.

OCR Document Sorting

Physical documents are still used to pass critical information between teams and companies. Manually triaging and extracting information from these documents is inefficient and tedious.


Here’s one of the many ways Tonkean is accelerating legal teams around the world.

Customer Success

Live Language Translation

The costs of supporting international customers can be prohibitive. What if Tonkean gave you a way to seamlessly translate conversations with your support staff?

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IT Auditing

IT auditing is a tedious and essential process for your team that only becomes more difficult as your organization grows. See how Tonkean automates work and coordinates people to make it easier.

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Automatic Trial Activation

A typical sales cycle usually involves activating a trial for a prospect. This process can range from a few clicks to being complex and specialized. Either way, it disrupts both sales and the technical teams required.

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