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Legal Intake, Triage, & Coordination
An optimized legal intake, triage, & coordination process ensures that every legal request is handled as effectively as possible and ensures every member of the legal team is spending their time focused on the things that maximizes their skillset and value.

An effective employee onboarding & lifecycle process has far-reaching benefits that can greatly impact overall employee satisfaction and improve employee retention.

More than 80% of of your Revenue comes from existing customers. Successful onboarding is imperative to customer retention and your business growth.
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Optimizing legal intake can make attorneys 20% more productive & improve business satisfaction by 50%.

Streamline coordination between revenue, support, and engineering teams to rapidly resolve customer issues.

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Getting through the contracts process can be tedious and slow. Tonkean eliminates the manual back-and-forth process and helps accelerate sales velocity.

Coordinate and automate approvals ensure that each document, contract, or matter is quickly processed while following the correct process.

Coordinate and follow up with auditees on behalf of risk, audit, and compliance teams to collect evidence while making it easy for auditees to submit data and documents.


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Consolidate and automate legal requests received across multiple systems end-to-end without forcing your company to learn any new systems or processes.

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Automate the coordination of data collection and subsequent approvals so your audit team can do what they do best.

Handle incoming questions and document requests instantly while routing more complex problems to the right people.

Resolve discrepancies during reconciliation in a timely manner by automating requests, reminders, and follow-ups with your colleagues.

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Make invoice management simple by automating the creation, sending, follow-up, and tracking of invoices.

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Automate routine tasks and coordinate escalated tickets across support teams and systems.

Improve IT ticket turnaround time by automatically consolidating, routing, and coordinating help desk requests.

Eliminate manual tasks from the employee onboarding process by automating back-office tasks.

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Avoid wasting time configuring system licenses by orchestrating the provisioning and decommissioning of system permission sets end-to-end.

Streamline and standardize the vendor onboarding process across the organization while minimizing change management.

Automate the auditing process of your systems by identifying system owners, gathering information from them, and consolidating it all for your team.

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Tonkean lets you avoid the mess of manually creating forms, to-do lists, and coordination between multiple teams when bringing on a new employee.

Allow your HR team to focus on more important work by automating triaging, handling, and routing of email questions and requests to HR.

Let Tonkean coordinate and manage the entire onboarding process for every new employee.

Consolidate the vital information that’s scattered across systems, folders, and people and make them easily accessible across your organization.

Allow your HR team to focus on more important work by automating triaging, handling, and routing of email questions and requests to HR.

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Renewing a contract in the last few weeks or days of a quarter can be daunting. Here’s how Tonkean makes renewals painless for your sales team.

Automatically sort and triage scanned physical documents so that your legal team can focus on more urgent initiatives.

Make sure you get the most from the data in your CRM. Share data vital data with the rest of your team, and more importantly, take action from the insights received.

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Build complex revenue processes in days without adding APEX code or point solutions.

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