Audit Process Automation

Make data collection and approvals simple.

Automate the coordination of data collection and subsequent approvals so your audit team can focus on actually auditing. 

Tonkean orchestrates the entire audit process across systems and people, taking the tedious work out of auditing.

Watch how Tonkean automates status tracking & reminders

smart data collection & alerts

Tonkean’s AI-powered workflow bot proactively reaches out people in Slack, MS Teams, or email to collect necessary information and documents with smart reminders so you don’t have to.

Eliminate manual steps

Automate data collection by connecting with your enterprise systems and drives and triggering automated workflows for things like sending files, reminders, or pulling information.

A SINGLE audit dashboard

All of the latest status and updates you care about are organized into one central dashboard to give you a single view on the progress of your audit. You can also take action directly in the dashboard, such as sending another quick follow-up.


Tonkean complements and seamlessly integrates 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to dismantle your existing infrastructure or train your team on new systems.
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Spending too much time on prep?

Whether it’s in finance, IT, HR, sales, or marketing, audit teams all face the same problem — a large percentage of time is spent simply collecting the necessary data and documents to prepare for the audit. This is because much of the audit process is actually manual, when it shouldn’t be. What if the mundane tasks of requesting information from people, collecting data from multiple systems, or logging updates could be completely automated?


Tonkean can orchestrate the entire auditing process by automating the data collection from both systems and people, intelligently following up when there are delays, and log updates on behalf of people, so they don’t have to. This way, the audit team can actually focus on performing the audit.