Robotic Evidence Collection

Save 30% of time for risk, audit, and compliance

Are you spending more than a third of your time simply chasing people to collect evidence or data for audit, compliance, and risk processes? That can change today.

Tonkean’s robotics process orchestration platform completely automates evidence collection across both systems AND people for your internal audit team, saving you precious time and eliminating risk of delayed audits.

Watch how Tonkean automates audit evidence collection

Make evidence collection simple for everyone

Reduce manual & administrative work

Evidence collection doesn’t need to be a hassle. Tonkean coordinates and follows-up with auditees on behalf of risk, audit, and compliance teams to collect evidence for audits while making it incredibly easy for auditees to submit data and documents.


API for people


Tonkean puts your people at the center by reaching them where they are, Slack, MS Teams, or email. Driven by AI, Tonkean learns about the behaviors of your people to understand the right time and place to remind them of pending evidence to ensure timely collection.

Tailored workflows for every audit

flexible, No code robotics platform

Easily automate evidence collection processes for all your audit, compliance, and risk processes for operations, finance, IT, management, SOX, and more. Each workflow can be tailored the specific needs of the particular audit with our visual Workflow Builder.

Consolidated view of all audits

Gain visibility across all of your audits. See the live status of necessary evidence for each audit to ensure that the collection process is completed quickly, giving you more time to actually perform the audit.

SOX Audit Evidence Collection Live Report

Leverage the systems you have today

Accelerate time to value by avoiding tedious and costly migrations to new systems. Tonkean integrates directly with your systems and layers intelligent workflows on top. Your internal audit, compliance, risk, and business teams will reap the benefits without ever knowing anything changed.

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Loanpal streamlining data collection in auditing

By using Tonkean, Loanpal can provide benefits both to their people and business. The audit team delegates up to 30% of their time to the Tonkean Bot, allowing them to spend more time actually performing audits.

Audit team spent 30% of the time on manually collecting documents.​

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