Automatic Document Generation

Shorten turnaround time for routine legal documents

Do you need to manually create documents for every legal request today, no matter how routine? Tonkean’s adaptive module for document generation automates the creation, review, and approval of documents like NDAs, SOWs, contracts, and other documents based on your current templates.

Create, approve, and send

Automate the full document lifecycle 

Expedite requests for routine legal documents while ensuring every document follows the right process. 

Tonkean automatically generates the document from a template by filling in the specific details. Then Tonkean will route the document to the right people while tracking status and proactively reminding approvers to take action. Finally, with direct integrations to systems like Box, Dropbox, Drive, and email, each document is directly sent to the requestor upon completion.

End-to-end visibility for all documents

Gain visibility across all of the documents requested, reviewed, and sent. See the live status and full audit trail of each document. Monitor SLAs and other KPIs to continually improve performance and efficiency.

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Leverage the systems you have today

Accelerate time to value by avoiding tedious and costly migrations to new systems. Tonkean integrates directly with your matter management, file management, email, and other systems. Your legal and business teams will reap the benefits without ever knowing anything has changed.

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Looking to streamline legal document creation?