Routing & Escalation Automation

Get the right things to the right people

Stop manually routing & escalating cases, opportunities, issues, items, and tickets, which adds unnecessary overhead and decreases the effectiveness of your teams.

Tonkean intelligently creates, routes, and escalates key items in your sales, customer, IT, finance, and HR teams, so that you don’t have to

Watch how Tonkean automates ticket routing & escalation


Intelligent System & People Coordination

Tonkean’s AI-powered workflow bot proactively monitors your key systems to optimally route important items and alert teams in Slack, MS Teams, or email for alerts or updates, and so you won’t have to.

Eliminate manual steps

Automate manual steps such as data entry, updates, or transfers so that your team can spend time doing the actual things they’re getting paid to do.

End-to-end visibility

Ensure individuals and teams have full visibility on the latest updates for each important item by automatically capturing notes through the process no matter where your people are.


Tonkean complements and seamlessly integrates 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to dismantle your existing infrastructure or train your team on new systems.
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Lost in translation…

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, customer success, finance, IT, or HR, you’ve likely heard of or faced this situation. An item or issue being worked on needs to be routed or escalated to another team for assistance. The item is marked as routed in the CRM or ticketing system, and it just sits due to the fact that the other team is not actively monitoring the queue or using another system altogether. Rather than wait, the original owner of the item ends up reaching out to an individual or team directly via Slack, MS Teams, or email. They have a conversation, and someone accepts it, but the details of that conversation are never updated in the original system. This creates a gap in the documentation, so come time, the organization can’t figure out the overall performance or KPIs of the process. There is a better way.

Tonkean ends the time-consuming and inefficient process of routing & escalating issues. Our AI-powered workflow bot takes the burden of chasing people & updates off your shoulders by integrating the various systems teams are using and automating the coordination of finding the right person to address each item. On top of that, documentation is automatically captured so that the organization has full visibility into the performance of the process.

Offload the tedium to Tonkean, and allow your team to focus on being the best version of themselves.