IT FAQ Auto-Handler

Let your IT team stay focused on important tasks by having an adaptive module that automatically respond to time consuming, commonly asked questions.

Offload Your Routine Support

Tonkean frees your team to handle more important tasks by reading common questions within email, chat, etc., and intelligently responding.

Faster Turnaround Time

Tonkean integrates with all of your existing systems, meaning your internal customers never have to leave the systems they're comfortable with to learn something new.

Seamless Support Experience

Whenever Tonkean gets a question it can't handle, it will automatically hand it off to a team member, ensuring every customer feels cared for.

The Tonkean Platform
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Ideal Experience

Tonkean lets you design a response system that can handle questions specific to your company using our no-code workflow builder.


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Proactively Monitor Your Business Needs

Tonkean provides detailed metrics for everything it handles so that you can identify common questions and issues, allowing you to be proactive in keeping your internal customers satisfied.

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