IT Operations

Offload tedious & mundane requests

Tonkean helps IT become change agents with bots that optimize processes, reduce overhead, and maximize resources.

Bots For IT Operations

Check out some examples of how IT operations teams are using Tonkean to automate processes.


Complete toolbox for IT operations

Tonkean provides an end-to-end robotic automation platform to integrate, orchestrate, and automate any process tailored to your specific needs, no coding required.

Loanpal streamlining data collection in auditing

By using Tonkean, Loanpal can provide benefits both to their people and business. The audit team delegates up to 30% of their time to the Tonkean Bot, allowing them to spend more time actually performing audits.

Audit team spent 30% of the time on manually collecting documents.​

Are you simply fighting fires all day?

IT operations teams are evolving from simply keeping the lights on to strategic value drivers to the business. However, many gaps between systems, people, and processes cause IT personnel to still spend massive amounts of time triaging issues, collecting data, and chasing people for status updates. Time spent on low-value work takes away from focus on more strategic initiatives.

Tonkean empowers IT operations teams with a flexible robotic automation platform to connect systems and people with bots that can intelligently orchestrate complex processes — all without writing a single line of code.