Lead Qualification

Automate lead qualification with an adaptive module that intelligently asks questions, provides responses, and routes leads.

Ensure Lead Quality

Improve the consistency and quality of information captured about each prospect to make sure your sales people have the full context of the prospect before they engage.

Scale Your Sales Team

Immediately qualify and route leads directly from chat to ensure no lead falls through the crack and without the need to spend valuable time from sales resources.

Improve Customer Experience

Ensure your potential customers receive a consistent and high-quality first experience with a tailored conversational workflow allows you to best respond to their needs.

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Your Custom
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Inbound SDR

Properly capture every quality lead that comes through your funnel effectively and efficiently while ensuring records are up-to-date and alerting the right teams. Train Tonkean’s adaptive module to handle your specific workflow without any coding or development.

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Manage Your Entire Funnel

Track the live status and details of every lead as well as high-level metrics and KPIs about the performance of your top of funnel.

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