Legal FAQ

Handle incoming questions and document requests instantly while routing more complex or urgent problems to the right people.

Reduce Manual Work

Simple legal questions or document requests may be easy to resolve but can distract from more urgent tasks. Tonkean handles the simple requests so that your legal team can focus on more important work.

Adaptive Machine Learning

Any keywords or phrases that Tonkean doesn't yet understand can be automatically learned over time. Eventually, Tonkean will be filled with valuable keywords that your people use, making the matching and understanding of intent tailored specifically to your organization.

No Change Management

Tonkean's modules work behind the scenes with the systems you already use, meaning there's no need for end-users or the legal team to learn a new system or interface.

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Create a customized solution that handles the most immediate needs for your business. The Legal FAQ module can automatically respond to questions, generate necessary documents, and route more complex questions to your legal team.

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Proactively Monitor Your Business Needs

Tonkean provides detailed metrics for everything it handles so that you can identify common questions and issues, allowing you to be proactive in keeping your internal customers satisfied.

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