Management Bots

Automate work management & reporting

Tonkean Management Bots monitor systems and teams proactively to give you end-to-end, real-time visibility of your most critical projects and processes.

Management Bots for Operations

Check out some examples of how Tonkean Management Bots can have impact across your organization


End-to-End visibility in real-time

Deploy bots to get the info you need

Tonkean’s human-in-the-loop robotic automation platform allows you to integrate, orchestrate, and automate any process tailored to your specific needs, no coding required.

Are things falling through?

Working with many systems and teams makes keeping track of item details and measuring overall KPIs difficult and time consuming. In processes like auditing, reconciliation, spend management, product development, and more significant time is spent simply combing through systems and asking people for the information needed to manage the process. Not only is this time consuming, but lack of visibility leads to things falling through the cracks and poor performance.

Tonkean Management Bots connect to your systems and proactively reach out to your people via Email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams to get the critical information you need to understand the performance of your processes end-to-end in real-time.