Marketing Executives & Managers

No More Micromanaging

Know all that’s going on with your deals and why - automatically. When the time is right, the Tonkean A.I. Bot proactively engages deal owners and requests input, bringing you the tangible insight that only they have.


Managing Multiple teams Has Never Been Easier

With its flexible structure and without the need for a new process, Tonkean is the simplest and most powerful way to manage cross-functional work. Simply define dependencies and relationships from your existing tools, and Tonkean keeps it all straight for you.


No New Processes

Your team interacts with Tonkean directly within Slack or via email. There is nothing new for them to on-board, nor are any changes to your existing workflows required.

Heck, they don’t even have to sign up!


Stay Focused. Take Action.

Tonkean monitors your data for anomalies and proactively reaches out to your team when needed. It only alerts you, the Manager, when your attention or involvement is required.


Managers ❤ Tonkean

We haven’t missed a deliverable since we implemented this 18 months ago.
With Tonkean, I don't need to worry about things unless I should be worried about them.
Wes Goldstein
VP, Client Engagement
Paladin Technologies, Inc. (formerly JCS Consulting)
Tonkean is an absolute game changer because it lets me be everywhere at the same time - it’s like it duplicates me!
Ariel Cohen
CEO & Founder TripActions
Tonkean has become my everyday tool. Instead of having my data spread across different tools, now everything is in one place - with the latest from my team.
Dan Kotlicki
CEO & Founder Toonimo