Streamline Matter Intake & Management

Shorten turnaround time and increase visibility

Are you still using email, forms, spreadsheets, checklists, or phone calls to handle matter intake and management? That can change today.

Tonkean consolidates and automates your end-to-end matter intake & management process without changing your current environment.

Watch how Tonkean streamlines matter intake & management

Automate your legal inbox

Reduce manual & administrative work

Turn your legal inbox into an intelligent bot that automatically reads and understands inbound legal requests, immediately responding to simple requests or starting the creation of a new matter.


Intelligent matter assignment & routing

Coordinate between multiple teams & systems

Ensure each legal service request is treated with the right level of attention and expertise to maximize both service quality and attorney utilization. Use custom keywords and criteria to automatically route each matter to the proper person on the legal team.

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Consolidated view of all matters

Gain visibility across all of your matters. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by seeing the live status of each open matter. Monitor SLAs and other KPIs to continually improve performance, efficiency, and become a more strategic business partner.

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Leverage the systems you have today

Accelerate time to value by avoiding tedious and costly migrations to new systems. Tonkean integrates directly with your systems and layers intelligent workflows on top. Your legal and business teams will reap the benefits without ever knowing anything has changed.

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