Matter Intake

Tonkean consolidates and automates your end-to-end legal request & matter intake process without adding new tools, interfaces, or processes.

Automate Your Legal Inbox

Tonkean automatically reads and understands inbound legal requests from any source (forms, email, chat, spreadsheets, or even other systems) to then respond to simple requests, route more complex requests, or manage matters end-to-end.

Adaptive Machine Learning

Any keywords or phrases that Tonkean doesn't yet understand can be automatically learned over time. Eventually, Tonkean will be filled with valuable keywords that your people use, making the matching and understanding of intent tailored specifically to your organization.

No Change Management

Tonkean's modules work behind the scenes with the systems you already use, meaning there's no need for end-users or the legal team to learn a new system or interface.

Automate matter intake across your systems & teams

Ensure each legal service request is treated with the right level of attention and expertise to maximize both service quality and attorney utilization, all while increasing turnaround time and minimizing change management.

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The ability to deliver
complex solutions. Fast.

Deliver process solutions in a fraction of the time that it takes to implement packaged or custom build solutions.


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vs alternatives

Buy Packaged

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Custom Build

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Work with your tools, people, and processes

Systems should fit around your people and processes, not the other way around. Tonkean achieves fast time to value, allowing you to extend your existing tools to work for your unique people and processes.

Related Modules

Here are some other modules that can be used in conjunction to streamline your business processes end-to-end.

Coordinate and follow up with auditees on behalf of risk, audit, and compliance teams to collect evidence while making it easy for auditees to submit data and documents.


Automate the creation, review, and approval of documents like NDAs, SOWs, contracts, and other documents based on your current templates.

Automate the coordination of data collection and subsequent approvals so your audit team can do what they do best.

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