Automate Work Item Routing

Automate delegation & escalation of work items

Tonkean routing modules intelligently triage, handle, route, and escalate high-volume work items to increase quality & scale. 

Routing Modules for Operations

Check out some examples of how Tonkean routing modules can have impact across your organization


Automate any business process

Deploy bots to scale operations

Tonkean provides an Adaptive Business Operations platform to create tailored solutions for any operational need, whether that’s automating workflows, integrating systems, or coordinating people — no coding required.

Need to scale operations?

Scaling operations doesn’t just mean hiring more people. You need to ensure that your people, technology, and processes are connected in a way that maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

One of the biggest challenges when scaling lies in handling high-volume requests, like customer support issues, sales leads, legal matters, and more. Handling these work items inevitably require manual processes that shouldn’t be, like understanding the incoming request, routing the request to the right person or team, and escalating the request for additional assistance when necessary. These manual processes limit efficiency and ability to scale.

Tonkean routing modules can automate these processes by intelligently handling incoming requests, coordinating across people, and connecting with systems to improve efficiency, consistency, and visibility across your business.