Sales Operations

Capture 100% of your quality prospects

Tonkean helps companies accelerate sales cycles and grow revenue by empowering your teams to improve the visibility, quality, and consistency of your pipeline.

Solutions For Sales Operations

Check out some examples of how sales operations teams are using Tonkean to optimize their processes, people, and systems.


Complete toolbox for sales operations

Tonkean provides an Adaptive Business Operations platform to create tailored solutions for any operational need, whether that’s automating workflows, integrating systems, or coordinating people — no coding required.

Centralizing and automating cross-department processes

By automating and orchestrating the internal processes between multiple teams, Salesforce’s marketing team put the coordination of creating Customer Stories on auto-pilot, allowing them to focus on more urgent initiatives.

No more manual input! No more wasting time emailing the team, or holding long meetings, to get status updates.

Adaptive modules for systems & people

Orchestrate processes with your exact business logic while flexibly connecting to the tools people already use (i.e. email, chat) and your existing systems to optimize processes with minimal change management.

accelerate sales cycles

Minimize the amount of time your sales teams spend on administrative tasks like updating opportunity records, dealing with meeting logistics, or finding resources so that they can spend more time actually closing more deals.

improve pipeline quality

Ensure your sales pipeline is maintained only with the best opportunities to ensure your teams are focused on the highest potential prospects.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with your systems

Tonkean seamlessly integrates with 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to replace your existing environment or train your team on new processes.
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Struggling to manage your sales processes?

Sales is all in the details. Is every lead routed to the right sales rep? Is the team following-up quickly and with the right materials? Are all interactions being tracked and shared?

However, even with a CRM, documenting and tracking all of these details is extremely cumbersome and takes time away from the sales team actually doing what they should be doing… selling.

Tonkean augments your sales teams with adaptive modules that automate the administrative tasks that need to happen for the business, such as qualifying leads, scheduling meetings, cleaning pipeline, and more while enabling sales reps to focus on closing more deals.