Slack Ticket Creation Bot

Improve the quality of your IT support by simplifying ticket creation in Slack and gaining visibility into support activity.

Simplify Ticket Creation

Tonkean plugs into your existing support channels and automatically creates tickets in your system of choice from the requests submitted in Slack.

Gain Missing Insights

Tonkean allows you to track and manage the entire support process using our customizable dashboard to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

No Change Management

Tonkean integrates with all of your existing systems, meaning your end users never have to leave the systems they're comfortable with to learn something new.

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Tonkean allows you to design a tailored bot that connects Slack to your ticketing system and manages your specific support processes using our no-code workflow builder.

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Track The Untrackable

Track and coordinate all support issues and KPIs from Slack to give you the insights you need to strategically manage your support organization.

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