Customer Operations

Delight your customers at scale

Tonkean augments growing customer support & success teams by automatically & intelligently handling customer questions, routing & escalating tickets, on-boarding customers, and more.

Solutions For Customer Operations

Check out some examples of how customer operations teams are using Tonkean to optimize their processes, people, and systems.


Complete toolbox for customer operations

Tonkean provides an Adaptive Business Operations platform to create tailored solutions for any operational need, whether that’s automating workflows, integrating systems, or coordinating people — no coding required.

TripActions improves customer experience through automation

By automating and orchestrating the end-to-end support escalation process between multiple teams and systems (Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack). TripActions improved customer experience, efficiency, and visibility across customer support.

Tonkean is an absolute game changer.

— Ariel Cohen, CEO & Founder TripActions

adaptive modules for systems & people

Orchestrate processes with your exact business logic while flexibly connecting to the tools people already use (i.e. email, chat) and your existing systems to optimize processes with minimal change management.

Maximize customer time

Minimize the amount of time your customer teams spend on administrative tasks like documenting interactions, chasing people, or finding resources so that they can spend more time actually supporting customers.

Unify your customer experience

Ensure all of your customer-facing teams have the complete context of each customer by automatically documenting all interactions & touchpoints. 

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with your systems

Tonkean seamlessly integrates with 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to replace your existing environment or train your team on new processes.
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You need world-class support

…but with it comes the challenges of scale.

Everyone could provide world-class support with unlimited resources, but we know you have constraints. You need to empower your support teams to be efficient while delivering a delightful customer experience.

However, even with the best tools, there are still manual tasks that shouldn’t be, whether that’s responding to a basic customer question, routing an escalated ticket to the right team member, or documenting the details of a customer interaction. These tasks not only take time away from agents, but worse yet, degrades the customer experience.

Tonkean empowers your customer teams to be the best version of themselves, regardless of the systems or tools you have today. It gives you the ability to scale while maintaining the service quality your customers expect.