Support Workflows Automation

Delegation, Escalation, Approvals and more.

Tonkean’s human-compatible automation platform handles complex, human-in-the-loop processes without breaking the chain of automation.

Watch how Tonkean automate a Support escalation process
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Tonkean Workflow Builder

Orchestrate Support Workflows End-to-End

Improve Processes With Smart Logic

Our powerful and intuitive Workflow Builder allows you to easily map your workflow end-to-end, including business logic, data manipulation, and people coordination.

Automate Hand-off between Tier 1 & 2
Case Logging
Support Ticket Escalation
Custom VIP Workflows
Automatic Ticket Assignment
Intelligent Ticket Routing

API For People

Eliminate Manual Steps & Data Capture

Tonkean puts your people at the center by reaching them where they are, Slack, MS Teams, or email. Tonkean’s AI-driven Bot Workers automates processes around the behaviors of your people, eliminating manual steps and data capture.

Tonkean Workflow

TripActions improves customer experience through automation

By automating and orchestrating the end-to-end support escalation process between multiple teams and systems (Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack). TripActions improved customer experience, efficiency, and visibility across customer support.

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Tonkean is an absolute game changer.
— Ariel Cohen, CEO & Founder TripActions

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