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Drive efficiency without change management

Unlike older legal automation systems, Tonkean connects to the systems, inboxes, or channels your business works in and enables Legal Ops to: 

  • Automate complex processes across multiple systems, such as matter intake, conflict waivers, and more.
  •  Have positive impact in your company immediately without the need to retrain your business partners.
Tonkean is a people first operationally designed platform
Accelerate your turnaround time

By as much as 40% by using Tonkean’s NLP and OCR capabilities to automate previously untouchable processes such as document routing, inbox-centric workflows, and more.

Tonkean brings the next generation of automation

Tonkean brings the next generation of process automation in an elegant, no-code UI that enables Legal Operations to:

  • Build powerful workflows while eliminating the need for technical resources for custom development.
  • Deploy and iterate on legal processes in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Use Cases For Legal Ops

Check out some examples of how legal operations teams are using Tonkean to automate processes.

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