Automation is more than integrating systems

Drive end-to-end process efficiency with Tonkean by automating across systems and people.

No-code process orchestration

Tonkean makes it easy for your automation and operations teams to not only integrate systems but also create complete solutions to automate, monitor, and manage your business processes end-to-end.

Integration PlatformsTonkean Platform
API Integrations with SaaS/Custom Apps
Data Actions on Multiple Systems
No-Code Task Automation
No-Code Process Orchestration
Alerting in Communication Platforms
Automation on Unstructured Data (NLP/OCR)
Complex & Dynamic Business Logic
Active Monitoring of Process Context
Stateful Real-Time Business Reports
Define & Monitor Custom Business KPIs
AI-Powered People Coordination
Enterprise-Wide Security & Compliance
Composable Enterprise Model
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Orchestrate business processes end-to-end

Compose solutions that streamline your unique processes while working with your existing technology stack (i.e. SaaS apps, custom apps, databases, etc.) and proactively coordinating people.

Legal Intake Process Orchestration Visual Workflow - Tonkean

Trusted by enterprises worldwide

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TripActions improves customer experience through automation

By automating and orchestrating the end-to-end support escalation process between multiple teams and systems (Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack). TripActions improved customer experience, efficiency, and visibility across customer support.

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Tonkean is an absolute game changer.

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