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Below you will find a comparison of Tonkean’s no-code business operations platform and UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform.

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Top five differences between Tonkean and UiPath

The main difference between Tonkean and UiPath is fundamental in who the platforms are built for and the philosophy behind automation. Here we break down five key differences between the platforms. 

Tonkean UiPath
Who it's suited for Citizen developers, Ops teams IT users, Certified business users, Specialized engineers
Automation philosophy Automate dynamic, human-centric, end-to-end processes Automate repetitive tasks in legacy/ on-premises systems
Handling exceptions Automatically reaches out to human-in-the-loop for exceptions/ unknowns Changes/ exceptions in behavior breaks functionality
Path to ROI/ value In days delivered directly by makers in business operations In weeks/ months delivered by RPA engineers and business users working together
How it works with Cloud Best for technology stack that is mostly cloud-based Best for non-cloud systems that lack backend connectors like APIs and web hooks

You are in good company choosing Tonkean

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When you would choose Tonkean over UiPath

100% no-code for end-to-end automation


Tonkean was built from the ground up to enable business operations teams to automate processes end-to-end and deliver value in days by making typical technical automation features accessible in a 100% no-code builder.


UiPath requires certified IT developers to create bots and needs a team of RPA engineers to deploy and maintain the bots, typically taking weeks to deliver value. 

“I disliked the cost to my company. I found it difficult to justify unless it was a full time teams job to integrate it, rather than everybody doing this in addition to their job. Also, it was marketed as a tool anybody could do. I do not think that’s true. “

– Caroline C, Lean Ambassador (Verified G2 Review)


Tonkean Integrations

When you need context and complex business logic


Tonkean compliments RPA platforms, acting as the orchestration layer to the RPA “bots” that are automating tasks. In other words, Tonkean adds more advanced business logic to RPA platforms, automating processes end-to-end instead of stringing tasks together, extending its value significantly.


UiPath is great with handling repetitive tasks like scanning documents and moving data in legacy systems, but struggles with the context (taking actions and mapping it to a business process, when a bot does X, etc.)


“Not so easy to implement complex processes that include validations or error checking.”

– Validated G2 review

When your systems are majority cloud


Tonkean is 100% on the cloud and makes development and deployment of automation platform independent.

“Tonkean being a hundred percent cloud-based means I’m not blocked and don’t have to run virtual machines on my Mac in order to build automation out.”

Chris Giddings, Sr. Solutions Architect and Innovations Lead, EVERSANA



UiPath works best when you are automating separate tasks in legacy/in-house systems but struggles when your infrastructure is majority cloud. 

“One big issue with the RPA and business process automation space is that the development and maintenance of those solutions is still platform dependent.”

– Chris Giddings, Sr. Solutions Architect and Innovations Lead, EVERSANA

What other citizen developers say about Tonkean

"I have seen first-hand the impact that Tonkean can make in transforming complex processes at enterprise scale, resulting in millions of dollars saved from removing time-consuming manual tasks and eliminating other one-off solutions, Empowering an operations team to be innovative while reducing change management is a game changer."

– Mary O'Carroll former president of CLOC and head of legal operations at Google.

"Easy to use, non coding automation platform w/ valuable customer support. Tonkean has increased our efficiency by reducing manual processes. By taking out the human in the loop when not necessary, we can also reduce errors caused by manual input."

– Stephanie Cline Team Lead, Front-Line Operation

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"Every company has different processes, workflows and ways they like to work. Having a system like Tonkean that is truly customizable and flexible allows you to accomplish what is best for your business. So if you want a system that can adapt to how your people work instead of the other way around, that’s Tonkean.”

– Veronica Yu, Chief of Staff, Legal

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