Graduate from Zapier to Tonkean: No-Code Automation for the Enterprise

Provide business teams with the agility they want while maintaining the security, compliance, and governance that IT needs.

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Tonkean vs. Zapier

Tonkean makes it easy for your automation and operations teams to not only integrate systems but also create complete solutions to automate, monitor, and manage your business processes end-to-end.

ZapierTonkean Platform
API Integrations with SaaS/Custom Apps
Data Actions on Multiple Systems
No-Code Task Automation
No-Code Process Orchestration
Alerting in Communication Platforms
Automation on Unstructured Data (NLP/OCR)
Complex & Dynamic Business Logic
Active Monitoring of Process Context
Stateful Real-Time Business Reports
Define & Monitor Custom Business KPIs
AI-Powered People Coordination
Enterprise-Wide Security & Compliance
Composable Enterprise Model
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Build solutions to complex business processes yourself

Automate processes across systems and people while handling complex business logic without stringing together countless Zaps

Contextual Event Triggers

Trigger actions based on system updates, human actions, item details, timing, or any combination of contextual elements.

People Coordination Actions

Accelerate human steps with actions that proactively reach out and follow-up with people for input in their preferred communication tool.

Data Actions

Add actions that create, read, update, and delete data elements in any packaged or custom data source.

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Conditional Logic

Quickly define complex decision rules and logical flows to handle any case in your business process.

Smart Entity Mapping Icon
Smart Entity Mapping

Automatically associate linked elements across systems and people without any manual data mapping.

Advanced Formulas

Define, with no-code, custom combined data elements to drive process decisions or measure KPIs.

Live Reports

Monitor, report, and act on every item detail as well as overall operational KPIs to deliver end-to-end visibility and efficiency.

Connect to any of your packaged & custom apps, communication tools, databases, and more

There was a limit on how many tasks we could create.

— Doug Collins, COO
Overcoming Zapier limitations with Tonkean

Shopping Angels needed to automate tasks in their effort to support elderly in need during COVID. However, they were running into significant complexity and limitations with Zapier. Using Tonkean, they were able to consolidate tens of Zaps into a single workflow while scaling their operations across the US.

Why Upgrade to Tonkean?


Secure & Compliant

Reduce shadow IT and ensure data security and compliance across your organization.


Orchestrate Complex Processes

Go from automating simple tasks to orchestrate end-to-end business processes across your enterprise.


Build a Bridge Between IT & Business

Standardize on a platform that satisfies the requirements of both business & IT.