[def. Maker: Someone who is curious, inspired, and who constantly finds themself saying, “There just has to be a better way to do this.”] 


We want to make a world of makers.

That starts by empowering makers. It starts in the enterprise. And it starts with software.

Makers make change. And software is the most powerful change-making tool mankind has ever made.

But today, fewer than 0.5% of people can code. This is why companies overspend on pre-built apps, and it’s why most work is still manual. It’s why the enterprise remains inefficient.

At Tonkean, we want to change that.


We want to give every person with the ambition to be technically creative the ability to be technically creative.

We want to liberate people from manual work, so they can focus on solving the problems of tomorrow.

We want to create a new standard of enterprise operations centered around increasing efficiency by empowering people.

We believe this will manifest a more efficient & more enjoyable future of work.


A future made by makers.

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Our Founders

As leaders and managers in fast-paced technology companies, our founders felt the pain of needing to spend countless hours on mundane, low-value work — work that nobody was born to do. In this modern, technology-driven world, they thought, there must be a better way. Tonkean was born.

Sagi Eliyahu

Co-founder, CEO
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Offir Talmor

Co-founder, CTO
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Our Investors

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Our Team

On our journey, we’ve been joined by passionate, driven, creative, and fun-loving people that want to bring more meaning to work.

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San Francisco

735 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Tel Aviv

Yehuda ha-Levi St 48
Tel Aviv, Israel

Andrei Sakharov St 9
Haifa, Israel

The Tonkean Team At Tonkean HQ
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Tonkean team bonding event - Tonkean HQ
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Our Core Values
There is Always a Way.

At Tonkean, we believe that nothing is impossible.

There is a solution to every problem — you just need to find it.

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Think People First.

We believe in investing in, empowering, and prioritizing people. We work as a team and win as a team. We listen with purpose as we speak with courage. We believe in diversity.

We always ask ourselves: Is this giving value to our customers? Is this improving our team? Is this helping me be better?

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Start with Why & Fail Fast.

We believe that progress is the only way forward; that action is always better than no action; that innovation requires bravery.

We believe that every worthwhile “how” starts with an important “why.” If you know the “why”, and can learn from it, “failure” is never actually failure. It’s the operational cost of progress.

No BS.

To matter, you must – stay focused, keep it simple and always move the needle. We don’t have time for BS.

We don’t waste energy; we prioritize efficiency; we stay focused; and we always try to optimize for what’s important.

Sounds like you?
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