At Tonkean, we believe that in order to be successful, leaders and their teams must complement each other. That in order for this to happen, leaders need to be able to see their data and people’s insights together – across different functions, products and teams.
Our founders - Sagi Eliyahu, CEO (right) & Offir Talmor, CTO (left)

We believe in people.

That teams can only be successful when they are not blocked. When people are focused on creating and making progress, rather than on fighting politics or trying to be heard.
We believe that a good team, is an aligned, informed and engaged team – working together in a transparent way.


We believe in leaders.

That leadership is about making the hard decisions, managing both strategy and tactics, and paving the way for people. That leaders need to be on top of their game – all the time. See the big picture, while knowing the smallest of details. We believe that good leaders know how to listen. That by listening, they get the best out of their teams, allowing their people to be at their very best. We believe that in order to be successful, leaders and their teams must compliment each other.
But we believe that today, in the majority of cases, this relationship is broken.


We believe we can fix that.



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