Robotic Automation for Management Workflows

Tonkean’s human-compatible automation platform handles complex, human-in-the-loop processes without breaking the chain of automation.

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Tonkean Workflow Builder

End-to-End Workflow Automation

With our powerful Workflow Builder, you can easily train your Bots to coordinate or execute any business workflow end-to-end. Including data manipulation and people coordination.

Risk Management Workflows
Approval Processes
Work Delegation
Status Reporting

AI-Powered Coordination Engine

Notifications don’t ensure accountability.

With our out-of-the-box people coordination capabilities, the Tonkean Bot makes sure things are actually being taking care of.

Your Mission Control Center

Where everything comes together. Monitor and manage your entire mission from one place.

Seamless integrations
with your tools and systems

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RPA + BPM in One Powerful Platform.

Managing and scaling your workflows is a critical path in scaling your business. For that, automation is key.

Automating business workflows isn’t so simple. While some parts can be automated, most workflows still requires input from and delegation to your people. Too quickly, people become the bottleneck.

End-to-end automation requires automating repetitive tasks, data piping and the coordination of people. With Tonkean you can define your business workflows from start to finish and decide which elements can be done by a machine and which requires a person’s input.

The Tonkean Bot acts like the orchestrator for your entire workflow. It performs the machine-focused tasks and coordinates with your people when their input and expertise is needed. Thus, unlocking a whole new set of processes you can automate and scale.

Automate any business workflow:

Risk Management Workflows
Approval Processes
Work Delegation
Status Reporting
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